Chapter 1

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This Is the sequel to Must Be Nice, so if you haven't read that, you will definitely need to (:




2 Years Later





"Babeeee stoooop! " I yelled while laughing. He had been tickling me all freaking morning and its annoying, but I love him.

Oh, my New boyfriend, Tyler, is who he is.

Its been 2 years since I left Sosa and I must admit, I'm feeling great! Life is perfect and I'm happy.

But, my kids aren't.

Somehow, Kylan has KJ understanding the stuff that has happened.

Kylan Loves Tyler, but him and Sosa are now getting along since he finally gave up on being mad at him. Now he's still closer to Sosa than Tyler, but I can't change that.

KJ loves Tyler, but he will forever be a daddies boy. Him and Kylan both. KJ is only 2 and acts just like Sosa.

Life and I are close as hell. He's still the same ole Life though. Stupid and annoying. He done had 5 different females claimin he they baby daddy. Seriously.

My dad, on the other hand, did happen to have cancer and passed away a few months after I came to New York, so I moved back to Cali and met Tyler.

Sosa fucking hates Tylers guts. Even though he has a new girlfriend, he still treats Tyler like shit. So Tyler don't really come to gatherings and stuff.

Me and Sosa are completely through, which is why I don't understand why he won't cut Tyler any slack.

We only talk when its about my kids, other than that, fuck him.

Oh, Sosas new girlfriend happens to be Lilly. Can you fucking believe that!? My bestfriend? Note to you ladies, Never tell your friends about what you got at home, cause what's yours at home could end up being your friends soon.

Learned the hard way.

Lilly trys to fuck with me, like show off Sosa and Khalia. When in all honesty, I'm like Fuck Dat Bitch.

She can kiss my asss for all I care. I'm 21 and mature. She childish as fuck.

Kylan and KJ don't like Lilly At all.

Sosa called me one day telling me about how KJ pulled one of Lilly tracks out when she tried to hold him, and how Kylan never listens to her. I did nothing but laugh. Like I said, FDB.

I don't think they like Khalia, either. They said that she always cries and lies on them. Who knew a 1 year old girl would do so much?

But other than them littler things, everything is still the same and I'm happy again (:







"Damn Lilly Shut the fuck up! "

" Man Kaeden you get on my fucking nerves! Why don't you just go back to that bitch Mya then!? "

"Maybe I will, shit! "

She gasped and tears came down her face.

Not again.

" Why would you say that to me? " she ask.

" Lilly let's just let it go. You gone wake up my daughter"

" Fuck you Sosa! " She yelled before storming upstairs.

Minutes later, she came downstairs with a bag and Khalia.

" We goin to a hotel for the night " she said

" Peace "

She groaned then stormed put with Khalia.

I fucking hate life right now. Not my Nigga, life literally. Its so stressful with Lilly. But this is my fucking Karma. I fucked up and now life is fucking my ass up.

Lilly is a nagging ass bitch. I woulda put ha ass on the street if it wasn't for Khalia.

Honestly, Khalia don't even look like me foreal foreal. I might get another DNA test.

But I miss Mya. She with that pretty ass boy, Tyler, and I hate it. I want my babe back. Life with Lilly just horrible.

But me and Life back cool. He said as long as I don't fuck him up like that again, we good. Shit he ain't gotta tell me twice. I shoulda left Lilly hoe ass alone.

Mama always told me, never let a lil cootie make you go stupid. Watch what happens in the end.

Boy was my mama right.





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