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"So... you wanna go to a show?" Josh asked me after we talked for some time about the situation. "My friend has some friends in band, it could be fun."

"Yeah sure, I don't mind" I answered. I just wanted to spend time with Josh anyway so it didn't matter where we were.

Josh got into the shower real quick so I decided to check out his vinyl collection. I found some real golden pieces, I was totally gonna have him play them for me later.

When Josh was ready we drove to my hostel so I could change and put on some make up.

"You don't need all that" Josh said as he watched me from the bathroom door as I put some mascara on. I put my tounge out for him but smiled at the same time.

"I'm done!" I cheered and walked over to my closet to pick out a jacket. "Oh shit, I don't have a jacket to go with this"

"You could just borrow mine" Josh said and put it over my shoulders.

I looked in the mirror, his black bomber jacket acctually fitted with my black jeans and grey tank top. It was a bit over sized though but I didn't mind.

"Let's go" I said and we walked out the door.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at some sort of club, there were people outside and since I was new in town I didn't know anyone at all. Josh said hi to a few people breifly before we headed inside where the music were really loud even though the band hadn't started playing yet.

Josh waved for me to follow him so I did. We walked across the dance floor and I bumped in to lots of dancing people. I smiled apologetically as we continued to the other side of the club.

Suddenly I heard a loud HEEEEY and Josh exchanged a hug with some guy I had never seen before. It was probably that friend of his.

"This is Ellie!" Josh yelled over the music and pointed towards me.

The guy held his hand out and I shaked it.

"I'm Mark!" he yelled back.

We followed Mark to the back area behind the stage, and I couldn't help to look around me to see if anyone noticed that we were going backstage! Everyone who gets to go backstage is concidered cool to me, and now I was one of them!

We said hello to the band that was gonna play and sat down in one of the couches.

Mark came back to us with two glasses in his hands.

"Redbull Vodka, do you like?" he offered and put the glasses on the table in front of us.

"Thanks" me and Josh said in unison and started sipping on our drinks. I hadn't had a drink in what felt like forever.

It hit me that I hadn't eaten all day, so after a few sips on my drink I could already feel it's effect. Normally I was more of a wine-girl, but drinks worked too.

We continued drinking our redbull vodka while Josh talked to some people he knew, and I sat in silence next to him.

Before I knew it my glass was empty, and I started to feel the alcohol take effect on me. Josh kissed my cheek and got up from the couch.

"I'm gonna get a beer, do you want something?" He asked me and pointed at my empty glass.

"Some white wine would be great" I smiled at him before he walked over to the bar.

A few minutes later he came back with a glass of wine and a beer in his hands.

"Thank you, what a gentleman" I chuckled and brought the glass to my mouth. Gosh I loved the taste.

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