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hayes: hey, the football game is friday. r u coming?

maya: yeah, 4 sure!

the night of haye's birthday, we exchanged numbers and he's been texting me nonstop. i'm totally lying. this was the first time he's texted but that doesn't matter. that night, taylor told me, like a man that i never thought he was, that he liked me. kassie and taylor must had a bitter breakup and now i feel like it's because of me. why do i care? it can't be because of me because taylor had a newfound hatred for maya mckay after that petty fallout at the party. i didn't really comprehend those words that night. i just remember me, totally stunned just like gabriel, who overheard.

"maya!" a voice pranged through the halls, drawing nearer. i glanced at the door.

"kassie is here." she said lowly as she swung the door open. my eyes popped out of my head. "what?!" i yelled. she gave me that look, you know, the "don't do anything you'll regret" look or in other words, "go down there and fix it or i'm going to beat you until you turn a different color". i sighed as i crawled out of my bed. i looked at my poster of ashton irwin- the finest aussie alive. i pecked my hand and tapped it on ashton's cheek as slightly saying "wish me good luck". i straightened myself, breathing in and out. please, don't let me have to cut a chic today. i waked pass my mom who then slipped into her room, leaving her door crack just a tad to overhear of course. nosy, isn't she?

i looked down the stairwell to see my former best friend dressed into one of her pink, floral dresses and white flats. her hair was in two, adorable, moon buns while her lips were a mac pink. "hey maya." she smiled nervously. i waved as slowly paced down the stairs. confusion covered my face and kassie clearly knew the question i was mentally asking myself.

"i know what you're thinking. why am i here?"


"i, i'm sorry." she whimpers. she covers her left eye, straining the tears that are building. don't mess up that mascara, especially not on my mom's couch. i nod my head.

"i was stupid and just an idiot who was chasing a dream of high school royalty....you're right." she flopped unto the couch, head in hands. i agreed to her stupidity. my phone ringed, interrupting this "sad" intervention for herself. i sat on the stairs and glanced at my phone. i held out my finger and pressed answer.


"maya!" several voices echoed through the phone.

"hey guys!" i smiled from ear to ear. kassie's eyes filled more with salty tears.

"want to hang?"

i hesitated, my eyes still on kassie. patching things up would be way more important but....

"i have to handle something right now. maybe later?"

"okay, cool." hayes laughed. i could tell he was smiling.

"HAYES LOVES YOU!" nash yelled before being told to shut up by hayes. it was an awkward situation so i just laughed and hung up. good right?

"sorry." i apologized to kassie. she smiled lightly and shook her head. 

"i did put taylor over you and he ended up leaving me anyways," that was story, well the second part was. after taylor's confession, he told me exactly why they split. kassie was secretly seeing crawford collins, famous youtuber. kassie dropped the high school clown for a money-making internet kid. that's an upgrade.

now the tears were falling.

"i'm sorry maya, i'm so, so sorry." she finally end her speech of guilt. i hugged her as she ugly cried into my pajama shirt. "it's okay." i assured, awkwardly patting her back.

"i'm sorry for dissing you in front of the student body and at haye's party." not really sorry just a tad maybe.

"i deserved it. it made me realize that i am a total jerk." she laughed, wiping her running nose with her bare hand. oh my gosh, germs.

"well, the guys invited me over. i don't think it's too late to go." this was really for kassie's benefit because i planned to binge watch 'awkward'. she knew she had some apologizing to do even though she thought i didn't know.

"yeah." i pulled out my phone.

maya: mind if i bring someone with?

we dashed upstairs into our old sanctuary also known as my room. both of our bodies hit my messy bed as we mimic back to the old times we had. "okay, what should i wear?" i jumped up and started rambling through my closet. she popped next to me and dragged out one of my neon pink skirt, white tee and a denim vest.

"i guess we have to bring back the old both of us." i sway.

after a quick bath and a fast dressing, we were ready to go. i laced up my black high tops and we headed out. we took separate cars. i wasn't taking any chances. maya is not dying today. a 20 minute drive and we were there in no time. multiple cars were parked outside the fence along the sidewalk. we walked the long driveway, not exchanging any words. kassie was practically shaking as i rung the doorbell. we gave each other a look until fixing our eyes back on the hazel door. 

"i got it, i got it." i heard aaron's voice say. the door swung open revealing the puppy-like teen. aaron and shawn would be the johnny's in the group. yes, that's an outsiders reference.

"hey m&m!"

"a.c!" aaron's tone-ish arms hugged my waist.

"kassie." his voice flattened, slightly shocked like his eyes appeared. a nervous smile crept on her face as she waved shyly. apparently the break up, broke more people than i thought. "come on." he plastered on a smile and stepped aside. the door clicked behind us as aaron lead the way to the man cave which wasn't going to be all men once we crashed the party.

"hey guys!" i smiled as they were fighting and messing around.


okay, i feel like the bachelorette.

my body was shielding kassie who didn't mind a cover-up or the sudden switch of her being the sidekick. i reveal her to the eyes of "my boys". (if you watch the bachelorette, you'll notice how jojo says "my boys." a lotttt)

anger, confusion, shock and other tons of emotions sipped through their faces. apparently, taylor turned everyone against kassie. that's the most cliché thing to do to ruin someone's popularity.

"kassie?" they questioned. it reminded me of scooby-doo and it was slightly hilarious to the point I had to cover my mouth. kassie stared at her feet, wiggling them around. "mya." hayes rushed to me and pulled me into the stairwell while kassie sat uncomfortably on a beanbag chair that was far away from the guys.

"maya, oh, maya." he rubbed his face, pacing back and forth. words came from his mouth in a light whisper. his palm brushed his forehead as a raindrop of sweat formed. why was he nervous? or panicking? or freaking to the point i was going to do the same.

"hayes, you're making me freak."

"taylor and kassie in a room together isn't good." he combed his fingers through this perfect quiff. my eyes glared at his pink, plumb lips and went back to the gorgeous eyes. if we weren't in a "panicking" situation, i would kiss him, maybe. i said maybe.

"is it really that bad."

he gave me a crazy look. "yes!"

we peeked into the room.  the freshmen guys hid behind taylor, whispering in his ear and the others examined kassie as if she was one of those confusing art paintings. she continued to play with her feet and pulled out her phone casually here and there.

"do you know what kassie did?" he bug-eyed me with question.

"she was dating famous youtuber, crawford collins."

"yeah, that's only the first layer of the cake."

"please tell me this cake is only one sheet." i tightly squeezed my eyes and crossed my fingers.

and of course, it wasn't.


oh my gosh, such a sucky chapter, yeahhh. thanks bootyiful people for faving and actually reading. love you guys so much ! sorry for all the mistake in the book.

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