[S3] Robb Stark x Reader { Fish in Dark Waters }

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Your name was N/A Tully.
You were noble-born, a grand-niece of Catelyn Tully.
You had beautiful H/C hair, that glinted like midnight/flared like an angry flame/glittered like fool's gold in the sunlight.
You were mature, lady-like and well-mannered, with a little kick and fire to your tone when you were annoyed or felt like it, you could be quite fiery, too- like cinnamon.
You were also not many things-
One of those was married.

The other was close to home.


"For gods sake, if he won't move, slit his throat and throw the girl on a horse." Growled Brent Varynn, a mercenary- and leader of the group of your kidnappers.

You had been one of several prisoners from Riverrun- but you were the only one they cared about- they had taken the rest to assure silence in your kidnapping- with you were your maid, and a guard- and it was the guard that had decided to speak up.

There was a large group of men "escorting you" to wherever you were going- from the way they had picked up their pace since afternoon, you assumed you weren't that far away.

There were about 7 men, the leader at the front, 2 men by his side, 2 men beside you three and two behind. The two beside you leapt off their horse with a blunt thud numbed by weak leaves of an off green, one carelessly sweeping you up and hauling you over the side of the horse, before the other grabbed the guard's arms and the first unsheathed a knife, and with the same arching action, sliced deeply and without hesitation or a single change in emotion, through the guard's throat-

The wound split open immediately, gaping wide as a crimson river blasted violently from it, the guard spasming violently before his eyes slowly rolled back and he dropped to the floor, a pool of sticky red slowly forming.

Luckily, you only heard the action, as you were facing the other way, eyes squeezed shut nonetheless, whimpering quietly to yourself, until you felt motion on the seat again as the rider got back on, smirking, "You're gonna need to grow a pair of balls- you'll be seeing a lot of that."

You shivered, uncomfy as the saddle pressed against your ribcage and you stared off with worry at the little bit of forest you could actually see from your awkward disposition.

Then you heard the blow of a horn that just might have saved your life.

The parade of Kidnappers halted immediately, alarmed by the sudden sound, and thrown off guard by the surprise attack that followed. The rider of the horse you were slung across leapt off and joined the others in battle, and in nerve the horse started to move about anxiously, eventually bucking and sending you screaming for the cold, dusted path below.

Everything went Black.


When you awoke, you were shaking with icy droplets of sweat sliding down your face that were so cold that 'droplets' hardly seemed a suitable word to describe them-
Icicles did.

You felt so light- too light, in your head and body, and for once in your life you wished you didn't feel so feathery. Your face was paler than snow, and your eyes had a cold fear reflecting from them as you jerked your head about, panicking and disoriented-

Nonetheless, when the fair man with hair blacker than the night's sky walked in, you felt your humane warmth rush back to you- and your cheeks.

He was such an amazing specimen to the eyes- his own were piercing and mature, and cut through you like a steel sword- but somehow in a rather reasserting manner- they showed someone who could protect you- and never mind his eyes cutting through you, he had a jawline that could cut steel and muscly arms that could most certainly wield a great sword or Excalibur with very little trouble.

When he laid his own eyes upon you, you saw them soften, and both of you seemed to feel something- though you couldn't quite place it- thought it was gone with a blink and a break of eye contact.

"Don't worry, you're safe. You might feel a little odd, but that's because you've been sleeping for the last 4 days, so you haven't had any food- I was concerned, and was coming to wake you- but you're already awake." His voice was soft as of the moment, but gravelly, and you knew that it could be just as sharp if needs be.

"Um... Thankyou... My... Lord?" You murmured the words out, unsure if this man was a sword or not, but assuming so due to the regality and gentlemanly attitude of him. A faint smile and brief nod confirmed your educated guess.

"Though, If it does not trouble you- I would like to know where I am." You timidly asked, looking about the room and finding no consolation in relation to sigil sir flags or animals- only the constant chill that told you that you were north.

"The Stark encampments, of the Young Wolf, King of The North, his mother, their prisoner and his men." Was his clear response.

"And... Who are you, my Lord?"

He chuckled at this, his entire face glowing for a moment in your eyes and causing you to redden a little, "The Young Wolf, King of The North." You began a half frown but it hit you instantaneously and you gasped, brightening even more and throwing your head into your hands, as he softly laughed besides you.

"My lord! I-I apologise- I did not realise it was you." You finally managed to urge yourself the courage to look back up, and you giggled a little, not noticing his reddened ears at this, "I suppose, I was surprised. I didn't think the King of The North would be so-" you stopped yourself before you said it, mentally cursing your own stupidity...

I didn't think the King of The North would be so "Handsome..."

You thought to yourself, and it was only when you saw his arched eyebrows and surprised expression that you came to the realisation that you had said that last bit aloud- the bit that you had intended to keep quiet in the first place.

You hugged your stomach in awkward embarrassment and winced, "Apologies, I-"

"No, it's fine. I did not realise that a lady who had been kidnapped and traveller for several days could remain so beautiful." He responded, as a light flirt, and you exchanged a glance at him with the same surprise he had shown you.

Over the next few days, you met up with your great auntie removed thrice (the Tully family had been... 'Getting busy', on Catelyn's sister's side.) and began to get to know Robb better, and what they were doing- the opportunity was only presented due to your own nobility and relations to Robb's mother-

But you and Robb had developed a liking for one another, and eventually, it was decided that it would be socially beneficial for the Tully and Stark families for you to marry- there was no official proposal- it sort of slowly... 'Happened'.

You were unable to have a grand wedding, due to your surroundings, but the wedding you had was hearty and unforgettable. The sun beamed enigmatically upon the assigned 'betrothal' tent, and the ceremony was pure, and yet intimate. his sharp features did not cut you this day, and the merry crowd of soldiers meant a hearty crowd.

It was wonderful that a horrid event had turned into one of the key parts of your life, and you had even been invited to Robb's Uncle's Wedding.

There were rumours spreading round, about the wedding theme, of course.

They say the bride would be wearing red.

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