Sharon sighed and made a mental note to review their last sessions and Mrs. Scarlett's case file.

"But I scheduled a Mr. Boyd in the same time slot," continued Chrissy, her head popping up from her desk. " And he just called to say he's running late."

Sharon didn't hear a word after Chrissy told her the name of the patient. The room grew colder and a shiver ran down her back. And she was transported back then to the giggles and the looks. How no one wanted to hold her hand when they had to line up. Afraid that they'll catch it.

No, it's not the same Boyd that made middle school hell for her. Not every man who had the last name Boyd was him. She hadn't seen him since he transferred a few weeks after he started those damn rumors. Didn't even know how he looks now. Although she might be able to find out on Facebook. But what would be the point? He'd probably peaked at high school. And is now sporting man boobs and a big old gut.

Besides, that was all in the past. She's over it now. It isn't him.

Shaking her head, Sharon took a deep breath and replied, "Okay. Just have him fill out the patient information and let me review it, before you send him in."

"Okay," replied Chrissy. She cocked her head to the side and squinted. "Are you alright Sharon? You're looking kind of pale."

Sharon swallowed hard and smiled. "I'm fine. Just a bad morning. And I didn't even fall off the wrong side of the bed."

Chrissy nodded and went back to her work as Sharon ducked inside into the safety of her office. She leaned on the back of the door and sighed.

Sharon moved across the room and placed her purse on her desk. She unwrapped the belt of her beige, pea coat, walked around her desk and hooked it on the wall coat rack behind her leather chair.

Sharon sank into her leather chair and glanced at the wall clock.

9:15. That gave her fifteen minutes give or take to eat the breakfast sandwich she made this morning before Mr. Boyd came.

Sharon leaned down to turn on the PC, pulling her purse towards her and into her lap. And knew something was wrong.

Where was it, thought Sharon. No, I didn't. No I didn't.

The Red Book: Liber Novus. Check.

Her charger and phone. Check.

Her SmartTrip card. Check.

Her blue and silver thermos...empty. Check.

Breakfast sandwich...not check.



Justin sat in his car willing himself to get out of it. He already turned off the engine to kill the urge to get out of there.

Justin sighed and wondered when he became such a pussy. He's just going to see a shrink. Lots of people went to one. Even shrinks saw shrinks.

But what surprised him the most was his own supervisor had seen one once. In fact, this Dr. Cooper person was a protege of sorts of the psychiatrist he had went to after his divorce.

Now the man is happily remarried with a second one on the way. He swears by his old psychiatrist that he wouldn't be where he was today without the woman. Unfortunately she retired. Yet fortunately this Dr. Cooper had set up her own practice in Prince William county. About five miles or so away from his home in Occoquan too.

What are the odds he thought as he spied the figure of a woman in a beige coat stomping towards the building.

"Woo-hoo! Text message. Ha, ha, ha," said the minion from his phone.

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