Important Information please read.

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Hello everyone. I know I know this is not an update, but I needed to put this up to share some information and have you guys give me feedback on some stuff here.

First thing is no worries the update will be up this weekend, so short wait for that.

Second thing is I plan to have a sequel but it will be about Max. It will actually start when  he met Izzy, and go into England or wherever he may go. I would like to know what you guys think of that. So please comment and let me know here your opinions on it. It will have some Izzy and Derek in it even when he goes to England, but the main story will be about him.

Third thing is I would like you guys to vote on the official name for Izzy and Derek here are some ideas readers put out there so please comment with your favorite and we will make it official though you can still imagine and refer to them as your own name for them.

1. Izzek



4. Drizzy


So far that is what I got from readers feel free to comment a new one as well and readers if you see one in comments you like just let me know. 

The one with the most votes the person who came up with it will get a dedication and pick a character name for Max's story. I will give this 1 week and will keep updating any names here so just keep checking back on it.

Fourth. This story is being entered into Watty Awards and I appreciate the support from each and every one of you. I have noticed I get at least a few thousand reads every chapter but only about 150 or so votes. So if you love it and have not voted please do as votes help in the contest, and it tells me you like the story. I love comments and respond to everyone as well.

I have never held my story hostage for a vote count and never will. Though I have rewarded once for voting with 2 chapters in one day before. I try to update a few times a week, and will continue to do so. This story still has more left but will be finished in a few weeks or so, because well it's almost over maybe 7-8 chapters or so left, and I have to have it done for the competition. 

I have 3 other stories I am writing 2 about werewolves and one Romance. The romance one is for the Harlequin contest it is called Love In The City. I have The Devils Son My Mate which is a paranormal/werewolf romance story, and My Two Alphas. So if you ever get done and need another read feel free to read those if you like. I update all my stories weekly and most a few times a week.

Thanks again to all my readers and all my new followers. If you are not following me feel free to do so if you like. The next update for this story will be up tomorrow.

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