I sat down on the toilet seat and waited for the right time to come out. Suddenly I heard something by the door, and before I knew it he had opened the door with the help from a fork.

I ran past him laughing, trying to get away but he got a hold of me and lifted me over his shoulder while tickling my waist.

"NOOooo" I yelled as I almost peed myself from laughing so hard.

Finally he let me down to my feet and I brushed the hair from my face.

His smile was so big as he looked down at me.

"Come on, let's get breakfast" he said and put his arm over my shoulder before we walked out of the apartment.


"Where are you taking me?" I asked as I hurried to catch up with Josh.

"You'll see" he smirked back at me.

We walked through Regents Park which I was kind of familiar with since I lived close to it. I had been there a few times even before the accident.

Josh and I had stopped by a local store to get some breakfast, it was a really sunny day so Josh wanted to have a picknick. I had no idea of where we were going though, he said it was a surprise.

"Welcome to Primrose Hill" he said and streched his arms out in the air as we reached the top of a hill.

"Wow..." was all I could say.

We were standing on a hill with a perfect view of London. The sun was up, and there were lots of people who had the same plans as we did.

We sat down on an empty spot on the green grass and started eating.

"This is the best picknick I've ever had" Josh said with his mouth full. "It's also the first picknick I've ever had, so my bar from now on is pretty high"

"Yeah this is pretty close to perfect" I smiled.

We spent the whole day together, walking around in the city, Josh showed me his favorite places to eat and shop, and for a while we sat on a bench and watched the people walking by. We tried to make up stories about their lives, where they were going and what they was thinking. One crazier than the other, and at last we just laughed at everyone walking by. We must have looked insane, but we didn't care.

After we had some late lunch at Taco Bell, we went back to Josh's apartment. My feet were really hurting so I just wanted to throw off my shoes and walk barefoot. I always did that in Doncaster, but I figured it wouldn't be safe here.

"God my feet are killing me!" I whined as we walked up the stairs to his apartment.

Without a word, Josh walked over to me and picked me up in his arms and carried me up the last of the stairs.

I just laughed the whole way but he looked super serious.

"I can't believe you" I laughed.

We sat down on the couch and put on Fight Club again, but this time we watched it without sound and made up our own lines. We both knew the movie so well but it was fun to just make up silly lines to everyone and making them say the most inappropriate in the most serious situations.

I had almost fallen asleep on the couch when the end credits started rolling on the screen, and I looked over to Josh to find him curled up in the corner, sleeping.

I kicked him lightly with my foot and his dark tired eyes opened.

"Sorry" I apologized.

"It's okay" he said and sat up straight.

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