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In case someone wants a face to Ellie, this is who I'm picturing her as ^ 
Her name is Olivia Holt and she's really like 18 years old but never mind, I just used her face :D



"Ellie Hartman, 23 years old, smoke in lungs and airways, and damaged eardrums, will be kept here for observation for the night" one of the nurses read my case for the rest of the nurses and doctors circling my hospital bed. I had a big needle in my arm and a hose connecting me to an IV drip hanging beside me.

"Do you have anyone you can call?" the nurse asked.

"I have to call my boyfriend" I said and looked around me to find my bag on the table next to me. One of the nurses handed me the bag and then they left the room. I rummaged through it to find my phone, it was covered with dust aswell. I dialled the number with shaking hands and put it to my ear.

A few seconds passed before he picked up, but I couldn't hear him well enough.

"Dave? Are you there?"

"Yes Ellie, whats up?"

"There was an accident in the subway and I'm in the hospital. I'm okay thought, I think." I checked over my body to see if I had any bruises but couldn't find any.

"Oh my god" Dave started to panic. "I'm coming to you, where are you?"

"Oh no, you don't have to come all this way" I said. "I'm alright. Just please tell my parents. We'll talk soon."

Dave still lived back in Doncaster, we had planned to move to London together but then he got caught up with work. We fought for some time about it and decided I should move anyway, we needed some space from each other. I don't know if I liked it very much, being alone in this big city, but it was okay. Right now I wished he would have been here though.

I had to find the guy who saved me. I had started to remember the happening from start to beginning. The picture of those glittering eyes and the big smile was stuck in my head.

What if he hadn't been there to get me out? I have no idea of how I would have managed to get out of there by myself, maybe I'd be stuck for hours, passing out and dying before anyone could come for me? The boy with red hair and glittering eyes saved me. He really saved me. What happened to him? Is he okay? I hadn't seen him since I passed out on the street, maybe he was in the hospital too.

A nurse came in to check on me so I decided to ask her.

"Hmm, I'm not sure I've seen anyone with red hair here, but I'll keep my eyes open. You don't know his name?"

"No I don't... That's what I was hoping to find out"



"Ouch!" I yelled at the male nurse that stuck me with a needle.

"I'm sorry sir, but we have to get your blood tested" he said and stayed focused on the needle that was now in my arm.

I layed back on the hospital bed and tried to cover my eyes with my other arm. The lights in here were so damn bright! I had been here for a few hours now, and they still couldn't tell me when I could leave. I apparently lost my phone so I couldn't call my friends or family.

I couldn't stop thinking about that blonde girl at the station with the ocean blue eyes, she was so scared. I hadn't seen her since she passed out on the street. I remember sitting with her for a while until the medic came, and then another medic had me to the side to check on me. I tried to stay close to her since she was all alone down there, but there were so many people running around so they carried her to the other side of the street while I was sitting in the back of an ambulance and got taken care of.

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