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Damn it, I thought to myself as I tried to make my way down to the subway in West Ham. I was already late and there were people everywhere. I had just moved to London two weeks ago and until now I had stayed in a youth hostel while searching for apartments to rent. Finally a girl called to tell me she was looking for a room mate in her apartment in Brixton, so I was on my way to see her for the first time. I had scribbled down her address on the back of a receipt, I sure hope I got it right.

But first I had to find the right subway, and for a country girl from Doncaster that wasn't the easiest thing to do. I had only been in London a few times with my parents as a kid.

I walked down to one of the platforms and tried to figure out where I was going, but I was clueless. I looked around me to find someone to ask, but everyone seemed to be on their way to the train that waited by the platform. I caught eye with a guy who looked nice, with bright red hair and a big tattoo on his arm. He had a plain white T-shirt and a backpack on. He was just about a few inches taller than me with my 5'5".

"Excuse me, could you help me find my train?" I asked him with an apologetic smile. I would probably make him miss his train but I couldn't find anyone who was walking in any other direction.

"Yeah sure" he glanced at the train but followed me to the big map on the wall. "Where are you going?"

"Brixton" I said and showed him the address.

"Brixton... So you have to change here, at Victoria Station" he said and pointed to the spot where the two lines met.

"So... Green line to Victoria and then blue?"

"You're a fast learner" he chuckled and shot a big smile towards me. His eyes were litterally glittering, like fire.

The next few moments went in slow motion, there was a loud crash that made my ears go deaf and the guy's eyes looked behind me in panic. The whole building were shaking and the next thing I know I'm lying behind a bench with the red haired guy crouching over me. All I could see from under the bench was lots of people trying to cover their bodies while running around and lots of smoke everywhere. I felt as I watched them on a TV screen, nothing felt real.

I looked at the red haired guy, he was crouching over me as if he tried to protect both me and himself from getting hurt. His eyes were now filled with fear, not at all glittery as they were a few seconds ago. I saw his mouth moving but I couldn't hear anything except for the loud ringing noise in my head. What had happened?!

A few minutes went by and the red haired guy grabbed my wrist and led me to my feet, still holding me close as we walked towards the exit where so many people were trying to get out.

Suddelny I saw it. The train that stood by the platform was completely wrecked in the front, and smoke and fire filled it's place. It had exploded just inside the tunnel, that was probably why the whole building was shaking and forced us to the ground.

Then I saw the bodies. A dozen of bodies were lying on the platform, some of them completely covered by parts of the train and the roof.

The red haired guy tried to hold me so I couldn't see but I couldn't stop staring at them. I was shaking but he held my body to his, leading the way. I tried to focus my eyes on his face, he looked very serious with dark eyes that scanned the area and his tense jaw were pressed together. His eyes met mine for a second and he tried to force a reassuring smile. It took us a while to get outside because of all the people and the smoke made me dizzy. As soon as we came up to the fresh air I collapsed on the ground and the next thing I remember is a medic standing over me and trying to help me.

I searched around me but the bright red hair was no where to be seen.

I tried to speak but wasn't able to form any words, and then everything went black.


Bright lights. All I could see was bright lights flashing before my eyes as I tried to keep them open.

"Miss?" A voice caught my attention and I tried to focus on it. "Miss, are you alright?"

I tried to shake my head no but I couldn't move. Where was I?

The bright lights came back and they were really disturbing. Dark, light, dark, light. I had no idea of what was happening to me, or who that person was.

As my mind started to clear and I regained my consciousness I saw the sky. I realized I was lying on the ground. I started to hear voices all around me, and as my hearing got better I heard the panic. I still had no idea of why I was here, or what happened.

A man tried to talk to me, but his voice was just a blur, and so was his face. I could see he was a medic though, he had those bright clothes on.

He helped me to sit up on the ground and put a blanket around me, my hair was a mess and I tried to get it out of my face. When I tried to push it away with my hands a cloud of dust appeared in front of my face and my hand was grey. I coughed and tried to get it all off of me.

"We're taking you to the hospital now, are you okay to walk to the ambulance?" he asked and reached out his hands for me to stand up. I stood up coughing and walked over to the ambulance that was ready to go. I sat in the front with another medic, and then there were two other people in the back.

I looked out the window as we drove off, and I could've sworn I saw some red hair in the mass of people.


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