Chapter 1

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You ran your fingers through your hair and looked at yourself in the mirror to see that your make up was running and to see that your eyes were watery so you sighed, turned the tap on, cup your hands and placed them under the water to see the water fill up in it so your brought your hands closer to your face and splashed the water on your face. As you did that you brought your hands down and looked at your face to see that your eyes were still red so you sighed then said

"He wasn't the one for you, forget him"

With that you stood up straighter, walked out of the bathroom and walked down stairs. When you got down stairs you looked at the coffee table to see a plane ticket to Ireland that your brother got you for your birthday yesterday so you picked up the ticket, turned around and walked up stairs.

A few hours later
You placed your shirt in the suitcase to only hear your phone go off so you picked it up to see that it was your best friend Mitchell Musso so you smiled and unlocked it, placed it to your ear to only hear him say

"How are you"

"I'm fine"

"Really because that doesn't sound like fine to me, that sounds like you just broke up with the love of your life"

"Ok he was not the love of my life"

"Just admit you loved him"

"I did but he's not the love of my life"

With that you placed your make up bag in the suitcase to only hear yourself say

"Hey what's the time"

"Like 9:30, why?"

"Great so I have like an hour to go, hey I need to go, I'll talk to you later"

With that you hung up, put your phone in your pocket and walked down stairs, walked outside and made your way to your sisters place to talk about it.

A few hours later
"Are you sure this is the right thing to do"

"Hey it's gets me out of here and away from him"

"But what would I do without my sister here, who will I go shopping with and promise me you have fun in Ireland"

"I promise and you will find someone"

"No you can't go"

As she said that he pulled you in a hug so you hugged back to only hear her say

"You promise you will have fun and you promise you will keep in touch"

"I promise"

With that she pulled apart so you looked at her to only hear her say

"Now go before you miss your plane"

When she said that you smiled and kissed her cheek then said

"I'll text you when I get there"

Then picked up your suitcase, walked outside and drove to the airport while hoping your ex doesn't come after you.

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