Chapter 38

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love

Ear screeching screams exploded throughout the palace as another explosion shook the ground, even louder and more powerful than the last one…

“What’s going on?” Scarlett screamed, but Evelyn didn’t bother to reply.

One, because she didn’t know. Two, because she had more important things on her mind, things like Alice and the baby that she was carrying.

Aaran sighed. “But you have to understand, this chaos isn’t necessarily a good thing, a lot of people will be killed by mistake, and guards will be on full alert… Recuing Evelyn in the middle of all this might be more dangerous than rescuing her during a peaceful day.”

“Then that’s a chance I'm willing to take.”


There are pointed in your life where you would put others life in front of yours, but there are also times in your life where you have to be selfish and chase after your own happiness instead o worrying about others. Maybe that was Evelyn's problem.

She was always worrying about others, and putting other’s happiness in front of you.

Everything that she had put herself through during the past year was for the benefit of others.

She gave up Ethan for the sake of her family’s safety and then gave up her family and freedom for the sake of Ethan’s freedom and life.

People say ‘Being compassionate and kind brings you good karma’. They were not the reason that Evelyn had been so selfless and comply to Zayn’s every requests, but if the saying was true, then Evelyn should have a large sum of good karma coming her way.

But that’s not how life works.

Evelyn ran, as fast as she could, making her way through the chaotic hallways, dodging and avoiding the panicking palace staff. The constant screaming and yelling had quietened itself and compressed together into one giant, buzzing noise around the young girl.

“Alice!” Evelyn screamed at the top of her lungs the moment she pushed her way through the crowd and stumbled onto the luscious grass of the gardens. There was people everywhere, running and screaming aimlessly.

Nobody knew what to do, but everyone was kept busy doing something.

“Alice!” Evelyn called again, but against the mayhem around her, and the roaring thunders of the bombs, Evelyn couldn’t make out Alice’s voice, or figure.

“Lady Evelyn, what are you doing here? You should be inside!” A young girl who looked no older than 15 years old, dressed in the servant uniform cried, caught Evelyn's arm, and began to pull her towards the palace. “The King wouldn’t want you out here at this time! Come! We need to get you to safety!”

Despite the pleading, Evelyn ignored the young girl and carried on running, as fast as she could, into the gardens. Passing more people than she cared to count, but none of them paid any attention to her beside from the little girl. “Alice! Where are you?” Evelyn called at the top of her lungs, over and over again. “Alice! Alice Blackburn! Alice where are you…?”

“Come on Lady Evelyn! It’s dangerous out here! We are under attack! The Magic Barrier may be able to hold off the bombs and explosions, it won’t hold off the witches and the wolves!” The young girl cried as her grip on Evelyn tightened. “We need to get you inside!”

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