Ch. 2

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Leigh-Anne’s POV

My eye’s fluttered opened at the sound of movement. I turned my head and saw Zayn and Perrie cuddling on one couch and Jade and Jesy on the other couch. I turned my attention away from them and onto the celling. I raised my arms above my head and stretched. I heard my back crack them I immediately stopped stretching. I laid there for a few seconds, just breathing deeply before throwing my feet onto the floor and standing up. I wobbled a bit before gaining my balance. I then made my way to the little powder room by the front door.

Jesy’s POV

I heard a clicking sound and then my eyes flew open. It sounded like someone had opened a door. I looked around the room and noticed the Leigh was missing so I guess she went to the powder room.

I looked down a Jade and saw how peaceful she looked. So I thought I’d wake her up. “Jade come on get up,” I almost whispered in her ear. She didn’t move a muscle so I shook her a bit. Still nothing. This time I not only shook her but I practically yelled at her, “Jade get up!” This time she reacted. “Mmmm Jesy let me sleep!” Jade sleepily growled at me. “No come on poopey you have to get up,” I shook her but not as hard as before. “Okay Jesy I’m getting up!” Jade raised her hands in surrender. Within seconds of her saying that Jade had rolled of the couch and hit the floor…hard. “Ouch!” was all Jade said. “Oow Jade are you alright?” I asked looking down at her to see if she was okay. “Yeah I’m fine,” Jade said as she got up off the floor. Once she was on her feet she began rubbing the bridge of her nose, “me face really hurts.” (for those of you who don’t know Jade sort of talks like that. Instead of saying my sometimes she’ll say me) I stood up and examined her face but nothing seemed to be unusual. “You’ll be fine Jade,” I said patting her shoulder then walking into the kitchen. I started searching through their cupboards for something to eat and Jade helped me.

All we found was a box of cereal and by the time we found that Leigh had finally come out of the bathroom. We each had a bowl of cereal and some juice and Zayn and Perrie still weren’t up.

After breakfast we chatted for a bit. Jade was talking about what she was going to do today when Leigh interrupted, “okay this is ridiculous! These two need to wake up.” Leigh waltzed over to the living room, plugged her phone into their speakers. She looked at us as if to say “are you ready for this?” Jade and I looked at each other then back at Leigh. We nodded our heads at the same time. Leigh looks back down at her phone, and then selected a song. ‘Run The World’ by Beyoncé started blasting through the speakers.

“This ought to wake them up!” Leigh shouted over the blaring music.

Jade and I went and stood behind the couch so we could see Zayn and Perrie’s reaction. We got there just in time.

Perrie’s POV

I frantically woke up to the music that was blasting through our flat. I saw Leigh-Anne dancing in the middle of the living room and immediately knew she was the mastermind behind this.

“What the hell Leigh-Anne?” I shouted at her. I knew she heard me but she chose to ignore me and continued dancing.

I stormed off of the couch and over to the speakers. I grabbed Leigh-Anne’s phone and ripped the cord out of it. The music cut out and there was silence.

“Hey what’d you do that for!” Leigh-Anne whined.

I breathed heavily out of my nose.

I heard little giggles coming from the couch. I looked over and saw Jesy and Jade giggling to themselves. “You can practically see the steam coming from her ears,” Jesy chuckled.

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