Where am I? What is this place? Who is that guy standing next to me? What am I wearing and what's with the symbol on my neck? What is Amanda doing in my dream? A winged white-tiger, silver wolf, dragon, and a jaguar? A celtic symbol? Whose that in man in black robes with a black dragon, and a black jaguar both at his side? The sky is so dark, you can't even see the blazing sun or the slightest outline of the moon.

Huh, we're igniting out weapons? Who is that? Lightstones around on our necks? This all seems so weird but I feel like I should know what to do. But what?

"Do not be afraid Alexa. You are not alone. Open your minds. Follow and listen to your friends, companions and your heart, focus on all you have all been through together and combine forces. Only then, shall you all win this war." Who said that? "Do not hesitate or turn back now. Fore you all are our only hope." That voice! Where is it come from!? What am I to do about this? What is all this about?

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