Chapter Nine

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One Week Later

I sat on top of the desk in our free period facing Amber and Emone. They were grilling me about the audition that was in a couple of days and how my father had yet to let up on my punishment. Though I had been on my best behavior, the odds were still not in my favor.

"There's a really big chance you guys will have to do this without me. So get your two part harmonies together before y'all end up shit out of luck, depending on the 'kind heart' of my daddy." I sighed and Amber stomped her foot on the ground, "It just isn't fair, Mone's cousin says they're serious about finding a talent. This could be really big for us can't you just have a heart to heart with your parents or something?" "What y'all talking about?" August strolled into the class and sat on the desk beside me.

"Our audition for Atlantic," Emone said "Shouldn't you be in like Algebra II or something?" I asked. "Maybe. But Atlantic Records? Man my homie works with them sometimes, he's a producer." Amber sighed, "Well you should put in some good word for us... but it's looking like Jelissa won't even be able to be there."

"Why not?" August looked my way, "I'm still on punishment—" Emone cut me off, "For sneaking to see that nutass crunch bar." She spat and August laughed with a hand over his stomach and I hit his shoulder, "That ain't even funny." He continued to laugh, "It definitely is ma."

"What about Janessa? Can't she like sneak you out or something?" I shook my head, "I haven't seen Janessa in days. She must have had it out with Angela and I think she's staying with her boyfriend." "Angela?" August asked, "Her mom, duh." Emone said plucking his forehead. "You call your momma by her first name? You bold shorty", August said in a chuckle. "That woman is hardly my mother. But um... look I really don't want to let you guys down. You should just prepare to audition together." I changed the subject and Emone looked towards the floor.

"Nothing's gonna change you guys," I smiled. "We'll still be best friends and I'm always gonna be there rooting for y'all." "It just won't be the same..." Emone sighed just as the bell rang signaling the end of the period. "I'm going to my locker," I grabbed my book bag and headed out of the classroom, trying to avoid the majority of students trying to get to the cafeteria. I opened my locker, putting a few books inside and looked in the small mirror adjusting my collar and tie. "Surprise," August popped up behind me a few minutes later and leaned against the locker next to mine chuckling.

"That ain't cool bruh," I giggled before closing my locker and leaning against it. "Ain't mean to chill you ma," he licked his bottom lip, " But I wanted to ask you a question. Do you want to go to the park or somethin later?" I furrowed my brow, "The park?" I repeated, not quite sure if heard him correctly. "Yeah, since you done stuntin' on a nigga I figured we could stand to get to know each other better." I bit down on the inside of my lip, "Sure, that sounds cool." Augusts smile widened as we started walking towards the cafeteria.

We entered the crowded lunch room and caught up with Emone and Amber in line. "There you are girl," Amber started, "Mone and I are gonna rehearse in the music room again after school. You coming?" I sighed shaking my head "No I think I'm just gonna walk home." I intentionally left out the chilling with August at the park part. Emone made a sound, "This isn't even gonna be fun anymore." I turned my attention elsewhere not wanting to talk about this situation with the group anymore.

3:00 P.M.

I popped a piece of gum in as I leaned against the railing in front of the school steps. Jelissa seems like a real cool person you know? Why not just hang out and have some fun? I dug my ringing cell phone from my pocket and answered it seeing it was Shante. "Yo wassup?" I asked, "Um excuse me nigga, call me baby!" Shante giggled into the phone and I started chuckling. "Nah you gotta earn 'at today love. Whatchu up to?" I asked taking a seat on the steps. "On my way to work. I just wanted to talk to you and see wassup, ain't heard from you in boutta week." I heard the uncertainty in her voice and just shook my head, "I know man it's just a lil busy up here. I'm trynna get into this school work." I informed her.

"School work?" Shante quoted me, "Boy I ain't never known you to be into no school work. You always on the grind witcha music and ya hustle. Don't tell me you done moved to New York and got soft on me," Shante said into the phone and I rolled my eyes, " You right, I was into that hustlin' shit back home. But that shit dead Té, I'm not livin' like that no more." She kissed her teeth, "Man fuck that. Lemme find out you trynna impress some New York bitch witcha pea sized brain."

The history with me and Shante is complicated. Shante is fine as hell and I had known her for a long time from seeing her around the hood. We had just started talking about three or four months before we moved up here to New York. I hit a few times, but we weren't serious. She was reaching for a title, but I know what type of girl she is. And she wasn't getting nothing from me. "Girl you crazy as hell," I mumbled as Jelissa walked down the steps and stood in front of me with a small smile on her face. "Look call me later," I told Shante and she start snapping, "Uh uh why I gotta call you later? Better not be with some trick," "Ard, bye." I hung up and walked down the steps draping one arm over Jelissa's shoulder.

"Don't hug me boy I don't know you like that," I chuckled, removing my arm from around her. "So was that wifey?" She giggled, "Ion got no wifey girl what's wrong witchu?" I laughed as we walked in the direction of the park. "You ain't gotta lie Aug. That ratchet lil shawty you was on the phone with is ya girl." I shook my head, "Nah. Me and Shante just friends. But what about ya nigga?" I asked as we approached the park and Jelissa headed towards the swings.

"You mean Mason?" She asked as she sat on a swing and I nodded. "I don't really know," Jelissa admitted, "I just need some space right now." I sat on the swing beside her, "You comfortable telling me what went down with y'all?" I asked and Jelissa just shrugged, "We just been through a lot... Everyone could see the bad in him but I can't seem to. A year ago he fucked up really badly, but right now, today, when I look at him I don't see the man I was looking up at."

"What did he do to you?" I asked further, "A lot of things. But he broke my heart and I thought I could never trust someone how I trusted him again. I didn't wanna see him or hear his name... After what happened between us I didn't think our relationship could be fixed." She looked at her feet, "Well is he fixing it now?" We made eye contact, "Why are you asking all these questions?" "I told you we should get to know each other since you done frontin' on a nigga. "Well he hasn't yet but... I know that he wants to." "Wanting something and doing it are to different things, y'know?"

Jelissa looked away uncomfortably and I let go of the subject and looked around the park, "Somebody's gotta push," I hopped off of my swing and stood behind Jelissa and pulled her back a little, "What are you doing?" She giggled, "Pushing you." I pushed the swing and she started laughing, "You don't have to push me you know that right?" "I know but I want to," She laughed as the swing went higher. She had a pretty little laugh. But if you didn't know her too well you wouldn't even think this girl could crack a smile.

After swinging for about fifteen minutes and finding out who could go the highest we strolled around the neighborhood before ending up in front of Jelissa's door. "That wasn't fair. You could only go higher because your legs are longer." Jelissa said patting my arm. "Don't hate on my legs girl." We both chuckled. "I had a good time at the park with you Aug. You're really funny." I smiled, "Well maybe I could make you laugh more often. Can I get your number?" Jelissa smiled, "Real smooth."

After exchanging numbers Jelissa walked up the front steps to her home, "Oh and Jelissa?" I started and she looked back at me, "Good luck at your audition. I know y'all gonna get it." She furrowed her brow, "That's really sweet... But I'm still on punishment there's no way I'll make that audition." I shook my head, "If you really want it, you'll make it happen. See you tomorrow." I turned to walk away, "Thank you." I turned back, "No problem." I watched her get inside safely before leaving and heading to the studio.

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