Chapter 21: Is It Over...?

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Here it is as promised, the final chapter even though it's not the end. This had to happens so that Luka's story can be told as well as Damien and Diaval. Hopefully, those stories can be better made than this one XD

Sequel is beginning soon so stay tuned for more info on the a/n below.


Unedited, so sorry about the mistakes you may find.

Collage of Lucien and Mika ~T_T~


Lucien's POV:

"What does that mean mom?" I growled as soon as my mom said something I couldn't believe.

As soon as I returned from my run and had calmed down, my mom arrived and took me to the study. In there, I told her everything that had happened since they left, until a couple of hours ago. When I got to the part about the shifting, her eyes got wide and she sighted.

"I think it's time you know the truth."

"What do you mean?"

"The Lunderveng clan is the oldest of all the shifters on earth. We are one of the four founding families in the shifter world, along with the Jung's, the Romero's and the Argon's. The goddess made us the four governing families to the shifter race and for centuries we lived in peace. Soon we began to favorite a species in specifics, so we took the wolf as our primary form while the Romero's took the water animals, the Argon's the birds, and the Jung's the wild cats. That didn't mean that we couldn't change to other animals, but we preferred those as our main form. With time, the ability to change to other forms than our first began to get lost, with the exception of the alpha of every family."

"W-what?" I was speechless as to what my mother was saying. "What does that mean mom?"

"When you were born, you instantly shifted alongside with me. Because I'm a wolf, you shifted to one. But at the age of three, your dad couldn't reach something and shifted to an eagle. You did the same. All the Lundervengs can shift to anything they want as long as they can visualize it. You can do it, and so can Luka ."

I was speechless. I thought shifters had disappear before the great war, but they we're just hiding.

"If that's true, why can't I do it anymore and why they went into hiding the first time?"

"You can still do it. I just made you forget how to. Believe me, it was for your own good at the time."

"What about Logan? And his twins? They are firstborn after all and their father is alpha too."

"Only the first born can do that from instinct, other shifters can do that if they think about it. But someone has to teach them how. About the prophecy, it may be true, it may not. We can only wait. But not be mistaken son and take the necessary precautions."


"Alpha Lucien, your brother has gone into labor." My beta announced and mom and I rushed to the safe house.

"Move everyone back to the pack house. Prepare the medical room to receive and check them."

"Yes sir."

My mom and I rushed back to the safe house only to hear a baby's cry. I knew it wasn't Luka, so it had to be one of the babies being born.

"You did it baby, you did it." Vladymir said as we entered the room and I smiled.

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