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Logan's POV:

"M-my water just broke..." I whispered as soon as I felt the rush of warm liquid run through my inner thighs down to the make-shift bed.

Oh shit.

I knew there was a probability that they came early, but not this soon. Once I discovered I was starting to panic, I calmed down. Now is not the time for this. I need to deliver my babies safe.

I took deep breaths and sat at the edge of the bed, still breathing away the pain. The contractions were coming far apart, so I knew I wasn't ready yet. I needed Vladymir here. He is the only one that can keep me calm and sane while I go through this.

'Vlad, baby are you listening? I need you. The babies are coming and I need my mate.' I whimpered and tried to lay down.

Even though Mika was a healer and a ER nurse at the hospital, he hasn't birthed babies before...I think. Still, I will need his help.

"Mika, I will need your help. I need you to find some things that I will need. Send a guard to the main house to get the babies and my bag, as well as some towels and a knife." I exhaled as I rode the pain of another contraction.

"But if we take you to the emergency ward?" He asked as if it would be obvious for me to go to the east wing of the safe house.

"No, they're too busy healing the other members and I'm too far gone to wait for someone to tend me. I can do this here just fine. Just get me what I asked." I glared, feeling another contraction coming. There were getting way to close now.

Mika left to order the guard and my dad came in.

"Hey little one, how're you doing?" He said as he helped me lay down while stoking my hair softly. Seeing my dad here calmed me somehow. I miss my mom though...

"Honestly? Could've been better. I just want them to be born." I smiled tenderly. "I really want Vladymir here...and mom."

He chuckled and nodded. "You mom's on her way. I think Luc will talk to her first though. Who knows...maybe they already knows that you're in labor and come here instead." I nodded and leaned my head to his hands, loving his petting. "By the way Lo, when we're you going to tell me about Vlaymir and you? I mean, last time I left, you we're single and cute and all. Now you're mated and with twins on the way." He arched an eyebrow and smirked.

"I know what you're doing dad. But distracting me from the pain with questions about Vladymir isn't helping. We'll talk about this la-" I gasped and moaned in pain while clutching my dad's hand.

A little earthquake let me know Mika had let someone in and in just seconds Vlad was panting at the entrance of the room.


Vladymir's POV:

Not in a million years will I forget the fear I felt when Logan reached to me. I had just opened the link to him as soon as I stepped out if the torture room, not wanting him to feel or see what I was seeing or feeling. His cry for help had me running towards him and if Mika hadn't opened the earth wall in that moment, I'm pretty sure I would have injured myself beyond belief. Stupid considering I had the power of water, meaning I could dissolve the rock in no time.

"Hey baby. How are you feeling?" I reached his other side and began stroking his belly softly, trying to ease the pain somehow.

"Better now that you're here." He smiled at me and my heart filled with love for him.

Seriously, I love him so much that I don't know how will I add my children to the equation. I mean, I know I will love them, as much as my sons can be loved, but their mother will always have my heart.

"Oh shit!" Logan exhaled and held my hand so hard, that I heard some bones break. "M-Mika check how far along I am. I'll need to push soon."

Mika checked him and said something that I didn't understand. The point of it all was that Lo was near and his contractions were every minute now.

"Vlad, can you sit behind me?" I did as told, seeing the advantage for Logan. He was now practically sitting, making it easier for him to deliver the twins.  "Fuck! Mika tell me I'm ready to go cause this fuckers aren't waiting any longer." Logan cursed and I had to stifle a chuckle. Leave it to him to curse the life out of his children before even born.

"On the count of three, start to push Lo. One, two, three!" Mika ordered and the labor of my sons began.


Ten hours has passed since all of this began, every hour freaking me out more. Mika said it was normal since it was his first birth; that twin births can go up to fourteen hours at best. No, my baby's amazing but he can't handle four more hours. Please goddess, let this babies be born now...

"Come on Lo, I can see the head. Give me one of your biggest pushes!" Mika ordered and Logan complied.

A cry announced one of my boys was born but my eyes stayed with Logan. Mika cleaned quickly cutting the umbilical cord and handing him to Logan's father for a complete inspection. Thank the goddess Savir was technically the father of all medicine and healing so I knew my son will be alright with him,

"Come on baby, one more to go." I whispered, only to have my hand broken again.

I don't know how many times Logan broke my hand. Thank the goddess for my werewolf healing cause if not, my hand would've been beyond repair. I'm glad it was my hand he broke and not other parts of my anatomy as he threatened to do before.

"I c-can't...I can't do this anymore..." Logan panted, leaning back fully to me.

His hair and back were dampened by sweat and he was breathing hard. His eyes we're shut and I could feel the exhaustion coming from him. Shit, this is harder on him than I thought.

Without thinking it, I began to pass him some of my strength. Yeah, that can be done between mates. You'll be surprised what can you do or give between mates. That's how strong the bond is.

"Come on Lo, I just need the biggest push you can give me." Mika urged and Logan sat up, pushing with all his might.

"That's it, that's it! Here he comes!" And with that, my second son was born, a little quieter that his brother, but whimpering non-less.

Logan threw himself back in exhaustion, a smile painted his beautiful face.

"You did it luv, you did it." I murmured in his ear and hugged him.


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