Chapter 19: I'M The Alpha

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WARNING: Like the sadistic little author biatch that I am, there's going to be some torture ahead and, even though I won't make it way to graphic, I will detail some things. Also, there will be a cliffhanger at the end, so prepare your minds, body and hearts for it.

You've been warned.

Picture of Lucien going all alpha *drools* 


Mika's POV:

To be honest, I was scared. Having my father-in-law and my brother-in-law close was a relief but, the fact that I have to protect all these people...Yeah...I was scared. Not knowing if the ones outside were okay was making me edgy.

I bet you guys are wondering why we didn't go to the pack house and made the shield around it, right? Well it's easy, first the pack house is a castle. It's way too big and, even with the kind of power Savir, Lucien's dad, and I have, it'll be to much. Second, the pack house has too many passage and entryways that protect them all will be impossible. That's why Lucien made a sanctuary near the castle, on the woods that would made it easier for me to protect. It's a cottage made of wood big enough for the whole pack with even an emergency wing and all that.

Luka whimpered in Logan's arms and I knew it was time to feed him. Taking him, I walked to one of the little rooms so that I can feed him and covered the entrance with shimmering snow stars to give us privacy. As soon as one side of my shirt was off, Luka was feeding, making me wince some now and then thanks to his strong pulls. I guess he was really hungry after all. It still felt weird every time, yet surprisingly I was okay with it. I guess the motherly instincts were too strong to care.

"How is he?" Logan asked, sitting on a bench near the bed. I threw some soil in the wooded floor and planted some seeds. Soon a little peach tree grew. I took one and gave it to Logan, knowing it was one of his latest cravings, and I took one for myself, eating it while feeding Luka. Honestly, having my powers back at its fullest rocks. Logan thanked me and dug in.

"He's fine. Really hungry but fine." I answered while stroking Luka's hair.

A howl outside let us know that the fight was over. People were cheering and celebrating, but for some reason I didn't lower the barriers I made together with Savir, Minho's dad.

Lucien's POV:

"Take me to them." I ordered, still covered in blood, dirt and ashes. I was not going to rest until I have the blood of the culprit on my hands. This has gone too far and they were going to pay. I will not rest until I know my family is safe...that my pack is safe.

"This way alpha." My beta, Loui, said as we walked toward the dungeons on the far cottage near the end of the pack's territory.

Bolting and creaking sounds were made as we opened the doors that were unused for some months now. Inside, rows of cells were located to each side, most of them filled with rogues or mercenaries that dared to cross to my land without my knowledge or harm my pack and family. At the end of the hallway was a double door where the current prisoner I wanted to see was, wishing he was dead.

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