Chapter 18: Wrath

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A lot of things will be resolved in this and the next chapter. Unfortunately, I have bad news, but I'll tell them at the end.

Picture of  Mika and Luka in wolf form.



Lucien's POV:

It's been two weeks since Mika gave birth to Luka and I was loving every single time I had with them. Even the rare early mornings Luka wakes-up crying couldn't shake my happiness.

Mika finally met my father, who apologize for not arriving before. He explained that usually, after the son takes the throne as the king alpha, or über-alpha, his parents will leave him for about three to five years so that they can get used to be in charge and handle tough situations. After that, is optional for the parents to come and go as they pleased. Mom and dad were actually on their 50th anniversary honeymoon, reason why they didn't came to my mating. They usually forget about the world when they're together. Is seriously disgusting to watch the sickly sweet aura my parents omit every time they're together (even though I know I have that with Mika.). Mika understood and took a liking to my dad quickly. My mom was going to fly in tomorrow...and I'll never hear the end of it.

Three days ago, we discovered Luka could already shift even though he was still a newborn. I came home after a meeting just to be greeted by both Mika and Luka in their wolf form. Apparently, the link between them is so strong that, after he was born, every time Mika shifts, he shifts too. While Mika is a white and cream wolf, Luka is as blueish-black as I am, a sign that he was the next alpha. It was beautiful watching them together, Luka snuggling to his mother while nursing off him. Yeah, it was surprising that Mika could nurse him, even when his tits didn't became bigger like with women. He said it was better for him to nurse Luka in wolf form because is was all about instinct for Luka, which makes it easier and less painful for him.

I couldn't resist their cuteness and shifted, laying and snuggling protective behind Mika. My dad beamed proudly when we told him about Luka shifting and he told us that I was the same. That it was a sign of great friendship and bond between my son and his wolf. I was the one glowing proudly after that.

Now it was like a ritual for me to shift with them every time I see them in wolf form.

'You're home.'  Mika said on my mind as I nuzzle behind his ear with my nose.

'Yeah, I'm home.'

We were currently on the backyard, both of us laying down in our wolf form as we watch Luka trying to stand up on his little paws. Some pack members were lazing around and enjoying the sunny day while kids and pups ran around laughing. It was so peaceful, it was surreal. I prayed for this to last.

"There's my favorite nephew!" Logan whaled in as he could, giving the fact that he was about to pop out at any minute. Vladymir followed close behind.

Mika yelped happily as he sat to receive them. I just rolled my eyes. Luka lost balance in that moment and started to whimper. Before Mika could do anything, I licked Luka's back, encouraging him to try again. He looked at me with his big amber eyes and whimpered again, so I took him and lay him between my paws.

"Awwwwwwww, Lucien's such a good parent." Logan squealed. "Thank you Kiki for making an honest man out of my good-for-nothing-playboy brother." Logan hugged Mika and fake-cry thanking him and all that. What a drama queen.

'Playboy, Huh...' Mika glared at me, and in that moment I knew I was a dead man.

I growled at Logan and he just smirked.

'Logan, take Luka please.' As soon as Luka was safe in Logan's arms, Mika jumped on top of me and we began to playfully fight.

'My king, rogues have breached the border and are moving fast!' Loui warned and I stood up quickly.

'Mika, take Luka and Logan and go to the safe heaven with the rest of the pack. Vlad, call the royal guard and prepare them. Let's go see who's stupid enough to barge in here.'

Mika ran with Luka in his mouth and Logan on his heels, together with the women, children and old. My father ran outside as soon as he knew what was happening.

'Dad please go with Mika and the others. You're the only one I trust my mate and child with.'

My dad nodded and left with them. On the distance I could see a barrier forming around the safe-house. Earth lifted up and engulfed the building where the pack was hiding, followed by a layer of solid ice and fire so hot, it could rival the sun. Air surrounded the perimeter, cutting anything in their distance. I knew they were safe with my father and Mika there.

Some warrior wolves quickly followed Vladymir and me as we raced towards the area where the rogues have started attacking. As we approached, we heard screams and smelled blood as the rogues and the warriors who arrived first continued fighting.

We jump into the battle before any more casualties happened. I grabbed the nearest rouge off one of my pack members and snap his neck when I suddenly felt pain on my back as a rogue jumped on me. I was so pissed that I fried him without a second glance. Vladymir was fighting in both on his wolf and human form.

'Vlad, I want at least three alive. I want no survivors. My wrath will be known.'  Vladymir understood and captured three of the rogues, ordering his men for back off.

When the other rogues knew what was happening, they tried for escape.

I shifted back to my human form.

"Oh, no so fast..." I smirked in malice.

A circle of fire entrapped all of them, leaving nowhere to run. Slowly, one by one, I began to burn them alive. I made the fire such that they didn't burned fast, wanting to hear their screams until the end.

Behold. This is what happens when you threaten the king's family and pack.

The sky turned red, a vision that will never be forgotten. It want until the last over them died that I turned around and left. Vladymir's face was one of shock. has been a long time since he saw me like this.

"Let's go back. I wanna know who was stupid enough to provoke me."


So Yeah... this is kind of a short chapter since next is the one when we know who really was behind it all and why.

Also, the bad news is that this story will end in two more chapters. Yeah, in two more we say goodbye to MiLuc and VladLo and the guys. I'm feeling sad and nostalgic now ~T_T

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