Chapter 17: Prince Luka

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As promised, the continuation of the so called cliffhanger is here xDDD
My apologies for making you guys wait so long and for being such a sadistic author and leave you guys suffering like that.

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Picture of Lucien and baby.


Lucien's POV:

"Alpha king. Luna Mika and your son...they didn't make it..."

"...They didn't make it..." I murmured, trying to grasp the words...

I shifted out of anger and mourning, Raizo moving in front of the doctor to protect him as Vladymir tried to contain me.

But it was all in vain.

Mika was gone.

My little angel was gone.

The two most important people in my life didn't exist anymore, so why should I? My wolf and I felt the emptiness that the mating bond left; a reminder of what we just lost. After so many years of loneliness, I only got three years of happiness...

But I guess it was fair. A year for every other I spend alone in my misery. Is true that every year I spend with Mika felt like a hundred or so...

Still...I missed him. Miss them.

I ran and ran through the woods, my paws grazing the earth as I flew to nowhere in particular. The pain was consuming me, not letting me feel anything else. Not even the scrapes the wood left on my skin every time a branch snapped under my velocity, or the sharp end of the rocks that incrusted on the bottom of my paws. No awareness at all.

I miss them so much...

The pain is too much...

I want it to stop.

Before I knew it, I was facing a cliff at the end of my territory. This was it. The solution to my problem...I knew the pack will be well taken care of since my father was on his way. Also, maybe he'll give the pack to my brother, since a Lunderveng must be always in the throne. Being the case that he's pregnant, he's the most adequate to continue the bloodline, and I knew Vladymir was more than able to handle this pack as he has done before for me.

So yeah, I can finally be reunited with Mika and our little angel...

With a bittersweet smile on my lips, I jumped forward and into darkness.


I woke up gasping for air as Vladymir and Raizo held me down so that I didn't fall.

It was a dream.

It was all a really big nightmare that I wish will never come true...

"You okay?" Vlad asked me and I nodded.

"Just a nightmare...I'm okay now."

"Good, cause here comes the doctor." Raizo signaled to the end of the hall were, sure thing, the doctor was walking towards us.

I stood up automatically, my face as controlled as I could master giving the situation. The feeling the nightmare brought still clings nearby in my memories and in my body, making me more anxious and unpredictable.

"My king..." the doctor said and bowed his head. "The cesarean was a success, but the Luna isn't waking up. We ran some test and everything's fine so, the only thing for us to do is to wait for him to wake up on his own. They're being moved to the suite at this moment. If you please accompany me, I can take you to them and you can finish your son's papers there."

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