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Lucien's POV:

I've never been so scared and never felt so useless in my life as I did now. Seeing my mate scream in pain made my heart ache. I don't even know why I can't feel his labor pains but I wish that, somehow, I was the one receiving the pain instead of him. As soon as his water broke, the nurses and a new doctor came in -since Logan is out- and took him away for labor. If Raizo wasn't here, I would've tear the doctor apart when he took Mika away from me. I know, totally irrational, but right now the only thing important to my wolf is the fact that his mate is hurting.

Fuck...just fuck.

My pace turn faster as I almost jog the hall up and down and carved a new sidewalk.

"Calm down brother... everything's gonna be alright. Mika's a strong wolf. Just have faith." Raizo encouraged me as we sat in the hospital hall waiting for news of my mate.

"I just can't understand. Every time we go for a job or I leave the pack house something happens to Mika or my brother. I can't handle it. I just don't know what's going on..." I was so frustrated.

The fact that someone has the nerves to attack my family says something. Maybe I'm the target and they're just bait. I sighted loud as I though it over.  I need to get to the bottom of this and soon. Some blood will be spilled soon...

A cold sensation came over me like a breeze on a winter's calm morning, just that this sensations wasn't as pleasant. Something was wrong with Mika.

"Alpha Lucien." the doctor appeared, a somber look on his face.

My knees gave up and I collapsed to a chair near there. No...they can't be....if they were I would have felt it, right?

"I need your help, alpha. They're still alive but it's not good. I need you to give up some blood since you're the same rare type as Luna Mika."

"Lead the way."


"How is he?" Raizo asked me as soon as I was out of the blood bank station.

"They're getting ready to perform a cesarean on him since natural birth is out of the question." I exhaled and sat again in the hall. "I asked them to let me be inside but they said no because my wolf could attack in the middle of the procedure, thinking they were harming Mika."

"You know that's true, so the most we can do is wait..." Raizo said and sat at my side, both of us waiting for them to finish.

"How are things with the Luna?" Vladymir appeared out of nowhere and sat at my other side.

"I'll let you know when I do. Right now they're performing a cesarean since he's unable to give birth in that state." I repeat with my eyes closed. "What about Logan? For you to be here means everything's alright with my brother, right?" I opened one eye and arched an eyebrow in question.

"In a way, I guess. The doctor said that he was okay after all, just knocked up thanks to the chloroform. The twins are also okay, despite the use of his powers.He's asleep right now...wearing off the drugs." Vlad said and exhaled.

"That's good to know then." I exhaled also.

All this situations were making me more stressed than necessary and someone was gonna pay for that.

"What about the incident? Did you find anything? Did you found out who did it?" I growled.

"Actually we have a lead. The first attack was by the Eastern Asia pack, but they actually attacked the pack house after leaving a bloodbath. Then they attack by the Easter Europe pack and suddenly they're being attacked here. Both times they were targeting Luna Mika and Logan. Now, thinking back, the only two people that didn't believe you when you announced Mika's pregnancy was Han from the Western Asia pack and James, from the European pack...the same guy who send us on a goose chase before. Now, I know that this is not enough but one of my guys told me that, after some serious interrogation to the rouges that attacked them some months ago, they discovered James' brand on them. And that, for me, is something worth visiting alpha James for." Vladymir smirked at the end, vengeance and retribution on his gaze.

"Very well. Send Oscar and John to do the sweeping. I want them alive. Him and his second in command. Tell Kevin to be in charge over that pack until I said otherwise." I glared, blood thirst and revenge cursing my veins. "Also call Him. We'll need his assistance." I murmured.

"Yes, Alpha." Vlad said and left.

Resting my head on the wall, I drifted to a much needed nap.


A painful feeling woke me up abruptly, bringing me to my knees while I clutched my shirt where my heart was. The pain was such that I couldn't even breathe. I started to panic. There was only one way this pain was taking place...This was the kind of pain that not even the greatest torture could surpass, making you weak and almost killing you.

A roar like no other was heard in the place, a scream of pain and suffering like no other, and it took me a minute to notice that the painful screams came from me. Vladymir and Raizo were on their knees at my sides, trying to calm me down and asking what was wrong, but I couldn't answer.

The pain was too much.

Sobs broke me down to the point that my entire body was shaking. It's been a long time since I cried...he'll, I haven't cried since I was a kid so... I broke down again.


Why now?

Why to me?

What did I do to deserve this?

The questions were pilling in my head to no end.

"Alpha..." Samuel, the doctor that was attending Mika, said with such reverence that made me look up to him.

His sad face confirmed what my body and soul already knew but refused to accept. Even my wolf was howling in pain inside of me. Please tell me it isn't true...

"I'm sorry alpha...the Luna and your son... they didn't make it..."

I shifted.


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