Chapter 15: Save Us (part 1)

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"Vladymir, you okay?" Lucien asked, noticing how strange his best friend was since they left.

"I don't know. I've been restless since this morning, like something's wrong. My wolf's been aching, begging to be near our mate but he also knows that his duty is by your side. It's tearing us apart and I don't even know why." Vladymir growled and sighted in defeat.

 Lucien sighted and sat besides him. They were in a lone cabin by the end of the Transylvanian border, getting ready to capture some rogues that neared that area. James, one of the alphas of the European division, alerted Lucien that some killing were going on in that area and what to do about it. Reason why, they were now here.

"Come on Vlad. Let's deal with this and then go home. The sooner we deal with this, the better." Lucien said and left. 

In that moment, Vladymir's heart constricted and an immense pain settled. Fear ran through his veins like ice and he knew his mate was in trouble.

"Sorry Lucien, but I have to go back." Vladymir pleaded and, shifting in mid air, left running.

"Go, my friend." Lucien murmured to the wind, watching the way his best friend went to protect his mate and Lucien's brother.

"Alpha, we have located the rogues hide-out." one of Lucien's pack guards notified him.

"Good, let's check-"

"LUCIEN! HELP!" The alpha was brought to his knees as he desperately heard his mate's voice.

 What the hell was going on?!



A growl, so potent that it shook the windows and doors of the hospital, broke out the calmness of the night. It was a growl of an alpha in pain, of an alpha in fury and readying itself for the kill. Someone had his mate at hurt him. Someone was going to pay dearly for it.


He has never been so afraid in his life. The fact that someone has his mate made his blood run cold. He has never run as fast or with so much determination. Dirt and trees soon became road as Vladymir raced to his mate's side. He didn't even stopped when he reached the hospital. Thank the Goddess for the automatic doors who opened just in time for his wolfish figure to enter and race down the hall to Logan's office. Voices and struggles were heard even before he made the last turn thanks to his accurate hearing, letting him know that three men were in Logan's office besides his mate and Luna

He could also smell blood

He skied to a stop just outside the door, trying to analyze and come up with the best way to save them both. Of course the worst part was trying to calm his wolf out, who was trying to get to his mate, NOW. And to top that, he could feel the babies getting restless and scared.Yeah, strategies my ass, I'm going in. With a loud bark, Vladymir charged in, taking down one guy in the process. Chewing down his jugular, he turned around and faced the other two guys and his unconscious mate. He tried not to charge in, to analyze the situation, but it was hard watching his unconscious mate in the arms of another man. His mind was racing. He didn't see Mika anywhere, but he did feel him -Goddess bless the Luna/Pack bond- so he knew Mika was okay; terrified but okay.

'Lucien, I need help...' he mind-linked Lucien, hoping he got here in time.

Vladymir POV:

"Come on dude, kill the wolf and let's get out of here. We still need to look for the other one." the one holding Logan said, his left eye bleeding profusely.

"T-they said nothing about no wolf. What the fuck is going on?!" The one with the gun shouted.

I could smell their fear. I could hear their heartbeats increase with every breath. I could see the uncertainty in their faces. And I also could smell that the second one who talked was human. Things were not going according to their plan and I knew I could use that to my I did. Mist began to surround them, chilling the air. When I knew I was covered in mist, I shifted and changed. Walking slowly and unnoticed, I unarmed the guy with the gun and broke his neck in one swift sound emitted. Without wasting time, I grabbed the neck of the last one with one hand and caught Logan just in time with the other hand as he fell.

 A howl let me know Lucien had arrived and wanted the last one alive. It was against my better judgement and obedience to my alpha that I did as he asked. My wolf wanted the blood of all those who have harmed his mate and I wasn't putting any fight against it anyways. But an alpha's word was law, and if he wanted him alive, I must obey. That doesn't mean I can't hurt him a little.

"Don't even think about it." Lucien ordered, entering the room when the mist was clearing and smoke began to appear in the kidnapper's pants.

"What?! I didn't do anything..." I said with much oh-so-innocent face as I carried Logan bride-style to a near hospital bed. nurses rushed to the scene as they saw their boss on a bed. I was beginning to question their competence since they didn't do anything when my mate needed them most...bunch of ingrate bastards.

Lucien was tense...the fact that he hasn't seen Mika is making him crazy. Even though I just joked, I was a little jumpy too. No one could get near Logan right now even if I wanted too. My wolf wouldn't have it, and honestly, neither did I. I lowered Logan to the bed and got in with him while I waited for some help of the nurses and doctors that were rushing everywhere, snuggling us closer...I needed to feel him and know that he was okay...

"Come on baby, wake up. I need you...we need you." I stroke his baby bump softly and was rewarded with two little strong kicks. Through the bond, I could feel them calming, knowing that their dad was here. 

Shit, I shouldn't have left in the first place...

Lucien's POV:

As soon as I arrive at the hospital, Mika's presence enveloped me like a blanket, letting me know that he was okay, terrified but okay. I searched for him and found him cowering in a little panic room Logan prepared in case of emergencies. His head was on his knees and he was sobbing softly. His mind was chaotic but the one thing that pop out the most was my name.

"Shhh, It's okay...I'm here now." I shushed him and took him in my arms.

"Lucien!" He threw himself at me and cried as I took him up and out of the panic room. He was shaking in my arms and holding me fiercely.

'It's okay baby. I'm here now...' I tried to calm him through our bond but he was too shaken up.

"I'm so sorry, Luc. I tried to protect Logan but neither he or the baby would let me. I was so powerless. I don't like that..." he cried.

"I know, princess but you have to understand that is pack duty to protect their Luna above anything else. I know you would have protect Logan if you could as you did some months ago but, the fact that you can give birth soon... let's just say that the baby knows when to protect you and itself. So no more crying." He nodded and I lowered him to a hospital bed near my brother. 

Even though I was worried for Mika, I was worried sick for my baby brother too...

"L-Luc...? Wha... something's wro-Ahhhh!!!!" Mika doubled over his stomach and screamed as water pooled down where he sat.

Oh Shit...

"Mika? What's wrong? Help! Somebody help us!" I screamed for any doctor or nurse nearby.

"H-he's coming. The baby's coming..."


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