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Logan POV:

A week has passed by since the guys left and to say that I felt alone was an understatement. Not for anything it was needed for the fathers to be close to the mothers this far in the pregnancy. Even thought the fathers were stronger and their powers were better even at a distance from the mothers, the mothers were weaker in powers, even though they were also stronger in speed and hearing. This is the reason why it was better for them to be together. 

"I miss Lucien..." Mika sighted, pouting cutely, and sat as he could at my side.

We were currently at my work in the hospital since he said he was getting bored at the house, and I was the only one allowed to work and go out, for now...with escort of course. I was writing records and patient notes when he spoke and I nodded in agreement.

"Don't worry, they'll come back in a few days." I reassured him, even though I wasn't so sure. Vladymir hasn't contacted me at all and I'm getting worried that something went wrong. I know I shouldn't stress, that is bad for the babies but...

A knock on my door distracted me from my errant thoughts, making me frown. Nobody knocks here in the hospital, less on my office when they know I don't like knocking.

'Mika, go hide on that door. Don't come out until I say so. Here's the code.' I murmured while I answered the door.

"Coming! One minute!" As soon as Mika was hidden, I went to the door. As soon as I opened the door I was greeted with a piece of fabric to my mouth and nose filled with chloroform. I tried not to breathe but it was getting hard. I tried to fight it but knew that they could harm my babies, so I decided against it.

'VLADYMIR!' I screamed in my head while trying really hard not to breathe or give Mika away. Besides being my brother-in-law, he was my Luna...and we protect our Luna fiercely. 

An idea popped in my head as I was about to go unconscious. A strong wind hit the man behind me as I tried to get out of his hold, throwing him to the floor. Thank God for air conditioning. When I did, I ran to where my bottle of water was, opening it and emptying its content in my hand. Molding it to form an ice knife, I ran and stabbed the guy in an eye while quickly stabbing the other in the shoulder. If I was going down, I was going down swinging.

"Shit! What the fuck man? What the hell is going on?" One of the men cursed while the other rolled over in the floor. This was my chance. I needed to get them as far away of Mika as possible before they noticed. So I ran outside, praying that a nurse or a doctor cross my path.

"You bitch!" The guy without an eye anymore catches up to me, pulling me back by the hair, making me almost fall. "You'll pay for that, you little Shit. I don't know what happened but fun-time's over. Where's the other one?" He growled on my ear as soon as we entered my office again.

"Fuck you." I spat back, earning a slap that made my face go the other direction.Shit, it hurts.

"Here, drug him. Whether we find the other one or not, at least we'll get paid for this one. The mate of the leader of the Royal Guard is worth at least fifty grand." The one with the injured shoulder said. 

So this was about some money? I couldn't hear anything else because before I knew it, I blacked out.

No One POV:

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