Chapter 14: The Calm Before the Storm

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Yaaaayyyy another update!!! Yas bitches I made it! And you have @Johena_Lana to thanks since because of her I'm updating earlier.

I noticed that I have concentrated so much in Lucien and Mika that I've almost abandoned Vladymir and Logan, so this chappie will be more about them than the other two...and no, this will not be a filler so don't worry, you won't lose the flow of the story...



No One POV:

Two months has passed and, surprisingly, everything has gone well so far. Raizo took over Han's pack, making it the second most largest pack in the world, right below the über-alpha's. The problem with the rogues has been dealt with and they discovered that Han had made a contract with the black market to hire some Masters, people who specializes and learns how to control the rogues, and order a hit on Lucien's pack. That's hitting two birds with one stone when Lucien killed him. The fact that there was no uproar or chaos for his death definitely said something about what an alpha Han really was.

Mika discovered the truth behind Raizo's sudden stay, and the fact that he was really his brother. When Mika called his family, he discovered that, in fact, he was adopted and that he actually comes from a very powerful alpha lineage in Asia...the Jung family, the most powerful family after the Royal family, the Lunderveng's. The Jung's have always been the right hand of the Lunderveng's and for generations their alliance have stood solid, as well as their friendship. The fact that now their families were entwined was just destiny...and a good one.

The reason behind Mika's adoption was because his life was in danger after his family was murdered some time ago trying to protect the king and his family. Sensing the danger her sons were; Alya, Mika's mother, send him away with her best friend and future family, the Lee's, where Mika grew up. Surprisingly, Mika wasn't mad at his adoptive parents nor his real one's. He understood why his mother did what she did and didn't hold it against her. Raizo and Mika spend the rest of his stay talking and remembering, getting to know each other better.

Mika couldn't be happier for how things turned out to be. Their baby was doing fine and he was already five months in his pregnancy, looking ready to pop at any minute. Lucien was more at home also, spending more family time with Mika, the baby and his pack.

Logan kept working at the hospital...for now. He had a discussion with Vlad two weeks ago about it but in the end, he agree to stop working by the end of his fourth month, since he was carrying twins.

"You know...this little one is being really stubborn." Logan said, moving the cylinder around Mika's tummy.

It was their fourth visit (since their visits were monthly) where they were supposed to see the gender of the baby, but the baby refused to let Logan see what it was...

"Come on baby, daddy wants to see..." Lucien murmured in Mika's tummy, caressing and massaging it lightly.

The baby shifted a little and move, giving Logan a clear view of what gender he was...

"Here we go! Oh, I see now why he didn't want to show. Like daddy, like son I guess..." Logan smirked, giving away what the baby was.

Lucien's eyes open really wide and Mika began to tear up. A son. He was going to have a boy. Without thinking whatsoever, Lucien kissed Mika like it was their first kiss, thanking him and the Moon Goddess for this gift.

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