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Lucien's POV:

I took Mika's face in my hand and kissed him senseless, showing him how much I love him. He grabbed the back of my head, pulling roughly at the end of my hair, making me growl in appreciation as I straddle him without touching anything but his mouth. Fuck, he knew what he was doing to me.

The kiss became sloppy; a battle of dominance that I was sure I was gonna win.

"Oh no you don't." Mika smirked and nipped my lips, making me open them. He took advantage of that and kissed the hell out of me, controlling every aspect of the kiss, making love to me with his mouth.

He turned me around and straddle me as his hands traveled down my naked torso, stroking and rubbing in all the right places, igniting a fire that I thought it would be impossible to contain.

His mouth left mine but only to get attached to the most sensitive place in my body...(after little Luc that is)...my neck.

"Gods baby, you're killing me." I groaned and pushed him slowly back to the bed, my eyes as white as the moon shining in the sky.

My wolf came out to play, and he was anxious to get a taste of his mate's sweet nectar. The floor-to-roof windows allowed the moonlight to bath us with its shine while the balcony doors were open, letting the midnight breeze cool the fire we started.

"Oh God, yesss!!!" Mika moaned out loud when I discovered he wasn't wearing anything under the sheets, and took advantage of that. His weeping member begged for a stroke that I was more than happy to give.

"Say it." I whispered in Mika's ear, making him whimper at the hot air caressing it while I grabbed his shaft and stroke it once, suddenly stopping all movement.

He shook his head and bit his lips while trying to look for some relief. His eyes were closed and his hands were trembling on my shoulders, scratching me. I took the chance to prepare him; since he is this turned on it would hurt way less, thanks to him being almost consumed by lust.

"Say it and I'll end both our sufferings." I teased, stroking in and out the fingers I had in him.

"N-no..." he persisted.

Time for drastic measures.

I stood up and took my sweatpants off, stroking myself while watching Mika watch me with a lustful expression.

'God's I want that dick in my mouth...' he thought while licking his lips, not taking his eyes of my raging member that was definitely begging for his attention. The mere thought of that sassy little mouth on my dick had me growing an inch harder than I though possible.

"You want it? Come and get it..." I teased and he smirked.

That's when I noticed this would be a really bad idea...

Mika's POV:

Without wasting another beat, I crawled my way to him as sexy as I could master and I kneel down in front of him. The sight of him made my mouth drool and without waiting for his permission or a sign, I moved forward and engulfed his whole member in my mouth in one breath.

"Fuck!" He cursed and grabbed my head with his hand, guiding me the way he likes it, fucking my mouth without inhibitions.

I moaned in excitement as he loosed himself on me, his wolf taking control and thoroughly enjoying me, showing me that I was his in every way. I was so turned on by this that I tightened my mouth and sucked hard, slurping the excess of saliva and fluids while trying to take him all in again. Gods he was big and getting bigger by the second...one of the perks of being a werewolf, I guess...

"Mika...I can't...Fuck!" He explode in my mouth and I drank everything he offered, sad that it was over and way too fast.

He panted and slid forward, holding himself up on the bed post. With a smirk on my face, I move back to the bed and waited for his move...

No one's POV:

"Now you did it." Lucien smirked, his cock growing hard again. "I'm so gonna enjoy this." he said and levitated Mika of the bed. "Time for foreplay's over baby, let's get dirty."

"Finally!" Mika groaned from above as Luc removed the sheets.

As soon as Mika was on the bed again, Luc was on top of him, kissing him senseless and grabbing and touching all that he could. Mika moaned and groaned, desperate for some relief to his heat as to feel his lover on him...in him.

"L-Luc... please...." Mika pleaded with all he got, only causing Lucien to smirk.

"You know what you have to say for me to finally take you Minnie."

"I love you! I want you! Take me, my husband...my lover...my Alpha!"

As soon as those words left Mika's lips, Lucien bit Mika's shoulder and entered him in one go, mixing both pain and pleasure to the point that Minnie climaxed on the spot, screaming Lucien's name in passion and love. He pit-stoned his thrust and came soon after, emptying all that he had and pouring all that he is into Mika, collapsing on top of him but not crushing him.

Their labored breaths and beating hearts echoed the room as they tried to calm themselves.

"I love you, Lucien." Mika murmured.

"I love you more princess."

"Really?! Again with the nickname?" Mika growled, making Lucien laugh at his little wolf.

Lucien snuggled his face in the crook of his lover's neck and inhaled his mate's sweet scent, now changing a little thanks to the heat. Mika snuggled close to his husband's embrace and sighted in content.

"Don't even think this is over." Lucien growled and thrust upwards, letting Mika know how happily awake he still was.

"Fuck!" Mika giggled and then moaned as a new slower, sensual pace was established.

"My thoughts exactly." Lucien smirked.

"You caveman..."


I know, I know, it was kinda short but I wanted it like this because now things begins to complicate and I don't want this to mix up.

I really want to know what you guys think of this story so far...and what's gonna happen now...

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