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Lucien's POV:

Shit! How could I forget Mika had just gone into heat?! Christ...and he was alone at home... maybe in pain and with a fever.

Contrary to what we feel between the bond, I can't feel the exact pain Mika has when he goes through heat, but I do feel some of it. My body has ways of telling me that Mika is going through it besides the actual, massive pain I feel when Mika's at his limit; like a very painful, raging boner that will not go away until I've taken Mika and only him, an urge to be near him 24/7...(but we covered that one when he got pregnant)... the smell of ambrosia...etc, but since I was so hyped from the battle, I thought the massive tent in my pants was the result of the adrenaline and testosterone rush the fighting gives while the pain I was feeling was part of my injuries.

Guess I was wrong yet it didn't feel the same. The pain was less than I was accustomed, reason why I mistook it for injury pains, and I was hornier than ever.

I ran faster, almost flying, with Vladymir and Raizo at my side, and the guard on my tail, as we crossed the woods towards the pack house. The pain of my injuries only fueled me faster, knowing Mika will be soon in worst pain...kinda. I could already see it, so I pushed forwards in an attempt to get to Mika faster.

Growls resonated around the house, letting me know that an unmated werewolf knew someone was in heat.


Without thinking, I shifted back to my human form and ran inside. I growled loud enough to let them know that Mika was off limits. My face shifted to accommodate my canines and my eyes turned icy blue; a warning that I was pissed as hell and you better not get in my way.

 My face shifted to accommodate my canines and my eyes turned icy blue; a warning that I was pissed as hell and you better not get in my way

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Everyone turned their heads down and scurried out of my way as Vlad and Raizo catched up with me.

"I want everyone out of this wing of the house until I say so." I growled to Vladymir while walking towards our room, a deadly purpose on my mind. My face had changed back again but my eyes remained icy blue as a warning.

"Yes alpha." Vlad nodded but kept pace with me.

"And why are you still here?" I stopped and arched an eyebrow.

"Because my mate is with yours. I'm going to get him before doing what I was ordered to do." He said as if that was the most obvious thing...which it was.

"Sorry Vlad, these damn hormones are making me crazy. I just can't wait till I get Mika alone..."

"Oi (Hey)!!! Too much info on my baby brother. Don't worry Valdymir, I will start getting everyone out of here while you get Logan and then you can help me." Raizo said and left.

'LOGAN!' Mika's voice screamed in my mind and I knew that he could not hold any longer without my touch. Cliché, I know, but it was true.

'My love, I'm here. Just hold on a little more.' I mind-linked him, trying to calm him down.

'O-Ok, just...please, just get here. It's starting to get really uncomfortable.' Yeah, my dick has just grow another painful inch and I didn't think I could hold off much either. Gods, how I hated being away from Mika while he was in heat...

I could hear the scurrying feets of the pack members that were being moved temporary form this wing of the house. Good, this way no one, not even Mika, could be in danger for the time it took to get the heat over. Usually it took about three days, but with Mika being pregnant and all, I don't know what will happen. I just know that I will be unavailable for the time being.

"Vladymir, you know what to do while I'm out of it, right?"

"Yes alpha. Nothing will bother you while you're indisposed. Don't worry Lucien, I got it covered."

'Thanks Bro.'

Loui and Kevin were posted in front of my door looking as deadly as death itself, and I knew in that moment that they would keep their word in keeping Mika safe. Thank the gods both were mated wolves. The fact that they were both serious as death meant that things were about to get ugly before I got here.

"Thanks Loui, Kevin; I'll take it from here. Go home to your mates and take the rest of the night off along with tomorrow's. You guys earn it." I patted their shoulders in acknowledgement of their work, and both bowed a little in gratitude and left.

"Lo, open the door." I heard shuffling inside and then the door was open revealing a very pale Logan. My overprotective side kicked in.

"What happened? Is he okay? What's wrong?" I almost shake him off when he didn't answer. Vladymir growled at my side but I just brushed him off.

"No, he's okay, just in some pain. Just go to him, I'm just tired." When he said that, I could feel the hotness overcoming me...Ok I need to go to him fast.

"Baby, you okay?" Vlad asked, a little worried, and to tell the truth it was really weird seeing them display this kind of affection in front of me.

"Mhmm, can we just go?" Vladymir nodded and took him in his arms as he walked away.

I shrugged them off and went inside, locking the door. Mika lay on our bed with only the black satin sheets covering him from the waist down. I took a moment to appreciate how beautiful and perfect my mate was. The fact that he was pregnant with my child was a big bonus. Gods I love him more than my own life. If something were to happen to him because of me or who I was...

A moan broke me from my line of thoughts. It was a painful one that got me leaning on his side in seconds.

"It's okay baby. I'm here now, everything's okay now. I'll take care of you now..." I murmured in his ear as I stroke his cheek carefully and lovingly.

The action got Mika moaning in relief as he leaned onto my touch.

"L-Luc..." Mika looked at me, his amber eyes were darker than usual, almost a chocolate brown, and I knew his wolf was helping him with the heat.

"Hey princess." I murmured to him.

"W-what have I told you about calling me that?" He whispered, smiling at my joke.

"Sorry handsome, you're just so beautiful that I can't help myself. Besides, you are my princess, even if you like it or not. " I smirked, trying to make the situation more light.

He laughed but then whimpered in pain. "Please Lu...Luc, d-do something..."

And I did.


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