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Mika's POV:

"Ahhh!!!" I woke up, screaming in pain, my shoulder on fire. The feeling was such that I automatically shifted back to my human form.

As soon as the pain came, it was gone. I knew that what I felt was real thanks to the throbbing in my shoulder and the sweat coming down from my forehead and on my back.

Luc was in pain, and if what I felt was only half of what he was feeling, then he was in some serious pain.

"Kiki! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Logan hovered over me, shifting and laying on my side.

I nodded, laying back on the bed again and rubbing my belly softly.

Something was wrong.

"I'm okay, but Lucien isn't. Something's wrong and I can't figure it out. What the heck is he doing? I can't feel him at all..." I began to panic...

Logan's POV:

I could feel Vlad's distress and I also wondered what could possibly be happening to make him feel this way. I hated when he kept things from me but I also knew when I should meddle and when not to. Being the mate of the leader of the royal guard wasn't always safe, reason why we didn't tell anyone about our mating. Still, it wasn't reason for him to not tell me somethings...

I saw Mika panicking and I tried to calm him up. A connection that breaks mean either the other one is dead or that he's trying to protect the other by not sharing his pain and else....

I only hope is the latter.

No one's POV:

"So? What would it be?" Lucien growled, still holding Han by the throat, tightening his hold by the second.

"F-Fine...I give up." Han growled in surrender.

Lucien let go of him, and nodding, he turned around and trotted back go where Vladymir and Raizo were.

"Like hell." Han barked and ran towards Lucien, murder in his eyes.

"LUCIEN!" Both Vladymir and Raizo screamed as soon as they saw Han, but it wasn't necessary.

Lucien had sense him before they did, turning in time to catch Han by the throat and kill him without regret.

"That was your last warning...asshole." Luc spat the blood he had on his mouth and shifted back. All of Han's subordinates exhaled in relief, giving you an idea of how a bad alpha Han really was. They walked towards Raizo, bowing to him as their new Alpha.

Vladymir rushed to Luc, handling a pair of sweatpants. "We need to get you home. You're bleeding too much on your shoulder. I'm surprised you didn't use any of your gifts. It would have been easier and you wouldn't have this gash right now."

"I'm fine, Vlad. I didn't use them to make a point. Let's just go home. I bet Mika is wondering what's going on and why I'm not there."

"What about the body?" Raizo asked. Luc looked at the body one last time...

"Burn it."

Logan's POV:

As I thought how to calm Mika up, he abruptly sat up, shivering and sweating. At first I thought he was going through another change in his body, but then he moaned and hugged himself.


"Shit, you're going into Pheat..."I murmured while I tried to figure what to do. Even though I'm a medic, this can only be dealt between mates. I mind-linked Lucien, hoping he was available, as I ran a cold shower to help Minnie with his fever and heat per-se.

'Bro, hurry home. Mika has gone into Pheat and needs you.' I hurried as I help Mika get in the shower.

'On my way. Lock the room and wait for me there. No one gets in or out.' Was his command and he cut off. I locked the door to both the room and the bathroom.

An un-mated wolf can go a little crazy if he smelled a wolf in heat. Usually, if the wolf in heat is mated and the mate is near, he will warn off the other wolves. But if the mate is not there or if is an un-mated wolf...well, let's just say that almost anything can happen if the alpha doesn't intervene.

A growl outside warned me that the un-mated males knew that someone was in heat. A much larger, menacing growl, loud enough to rattle the windows and glass let me know Luc was here...

And he was not happy...

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