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Mika's POV:

The pounding in my head reminded me why I stopped drinking a few years ago. As I opened my eyes, the blinding lights of the morning sun forced me to close them again and groan as I move to the other end of the bed to try and hide from it. Thanks the goddess for the maid that entered at that moment and, seeing my discomfort, she went and close the curtains.

"Thank you." I murmured gladly at her.

She smiled and nodded, bringing my breakfast to the bed.

"Huh?" I asked confused since I never took my breakfast in bed.

"Alpha Lucien ordered this since you are still recovering from the events."

"Well, you can tell Alpha Lucien to stop being so damn protective!" I growled under my breath as I crossed my arms on my torso, sulking for all that was worth.

"Or you can tell him yourself." I quickly turned to the massive double doors. There he was, in all his sexy and yummy glory, with a freaking smirk on his face. He was wearing a white t-shirt that clung to his every muscle, some black cargo pants and black combat boots. His hair was ruffled, as if he just came out of bed after a long marathon of hard, intense, sheet-clawing fuc-OKAY! So not the images I need in my mind right now! Damn him for being so perfect.

"Oh no baby, I'm far from perfect. You can go Marie, I'll deal with my mate." the maid bowed and left, a hint of a smile in her lips. "You finished checking me out?" He arched an eyebrow and crossed his arms in his strong, sexy chest, leaning on the door frame. Shit, he looks like a model from a magazine...

"You! What is the meaning of this?" I said pointing to the delicious, mouthwatering eggs , sausage and bacon, totally evading his question.

"Breakfast in bed?" He asked arching a brow.

"Tsk...You're lucky I'm so hungry I could eat for two." I said and started to eat. Damn, this was good!

"But you are eating for two, you dummy..." He said and I looked up from my food at him. The love and tenderness in his gaze was such that it almost brought me to tears. Almost.

"So, why breakfast in bed?" I changed the topic.

"Because you're in no condition to go downstairs." He literally proclaimed and sat at my side on the bed while crossing his arms on his chest, again.

"Luc, I'm pregnant, not sick. Stop overprotecting me. Even though I love your caveman side, it's starting to annoy me." I glared at him cutely. "By the way, I want to run and I want you to come with me."

"Are you crazy?! After what happened a couple of days ago you want me to let you run?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yes and I wouldn't be alone, you would be with me." I moved my plate away and straddle him, taking his face in my hands. "Look, I need to run. My wolf needs it and Logan told me that is good exercise and that is needed. Please, come run with me. We don't even have to leave the pack house. I just need to shift and run a little." I pleaded him, kissing every inch of his face with tiny little kisses.

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