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*Alexandra's POV*

I finally got home and got out of my car and went inside. When I got inside I saw Derek and skate sitting on my couch. "Um what are you guys doing in my house". I asked them. "Well we were waiting for you to get home. Don't you know what time it is. I've been worried. Why haven't you answered my calls or text". Derek said to me. "One yes I know what time it is. And two I haven't picked up my phone all day and it's been on silent all day". I told him. "You don't have to be worried about me". I said getting a little mad because he is acting like he owns me or something. "Well I do worry about you". Derek said. "Don't be to hard on him Al. He has been worried sick. He hasn't shut up". Skate told me. I sighed. "Ok I'm sorry I didn't answer my phone or that I didn't tell you where I was". I told them. "It's alright but were where you anyways". Derek asked. "I was at my cousin jacks". I said. "Jack who". Skate said. "Jack Johnson and Jake gilinsky". I said. "Johnson is my cousin". I told them. "J is your cousin"! They both said. "Um yea". I said. "I did not see that coming. He has never mentioned you before". Skate said. "Yea well I haven't seen him in a couple years".I said. "So do you like gilinsky". Derek said. "Well yea I kind of have to like him. He is my cousin's best friend". I said. "No I mean like, like as a boyfriend or something". He said. "No that would be weird. And besides you are my boyfriend why would I like him". I said. "I don't know. Why would you". He said. Is he really angry. Oh my. "Hey skate can you go so I can talk to him please". I said. "Yea sure". He said and then walked out the door. "Ok what's wrong". I said. "Nothing". He replied. "No there is something wrong because I can tell by the look on your face and your attitude towards me". I said getting mad. "I can tell you like gilinsky". He said. Wait what. "What! I don't like gilinsky. I just told you that". I said to him. "Then why are you getting all defensive". He said. Wow is he serious. "I'm get defensive because you are sitting here accusing me of like gilinsky when I clearly like you". I told him raising my voice a little. "Yea sure. What ever". He said. "Wow ok derek. Be like this". I said to him. "Yea I am going to be like this. I'm leaving". He yelled. "Seriously"! I yelled back. He didn't say a word he just walked out and slammed the door. Did he seriously just walk out on me. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt something wet land on my shirt. I went up to my room and put my pajamas on and layed in bed a cried until I fell asleep

*Next morning*

I woke up and the sun was shining threw the window. I picked my phone up to see what time it was. 2:30. Wow I'm not sure what time I went to sleep. I cried most of the night. Why did he walk out. I wish he would have stayed. I know that I was being a bitch last night. I just couldn't believe he thought I liked jack. I could feel the tears start going down my face. Ugh. I hate crying. I always have. I'm so tired of this. I looked in the drawer beside my bed and grabbed a blunt I already had rolled. It's going to be a long day.

*Couple hours later*
*Derek's POV*

I knew I might of over reacted. But I really like her. I don't want her to just go find another guy and throw me away like I'm nothing. I probably pushed her away. "Dude just go over there and apologize". Skate said to me. "But what if she doesn't want my apologies". I said to him. He was about to say something but was cut off by someone knocking on the door. I got up and went to the door. When I opened the door I seen Alexandra standing there with tears running down her face. Her eyes where so red. "Oh my god. Alexandra". I said. "Why. Why did you leave me. I'm sorry. Please I don't want you to leave me. I know I'm not that pretty. I don't like jack I swear. Please I love you". She said. Her eyes went wide when she realized what she said. She loves me. I didn't know what to say. I hate seeing her like this. Her sitting here crying and I could smell the weed on her. And it was really strong. She had bags under her eyes. It looked like she hadn't slept in days. "Please say something". I heard Al whisper. "Alexandra I'm not going to leave you. You mean the world to me. And I know you don't like jack. And you are the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Don't say that you're not pretty. And I love you too". I said to her. I grabbed her and picked her up and carried her to my room. "Come on let's sleep. You could use it". I told her as I layed next her and wrapped my arm around her.

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