Munky's Surprise B-Day Party

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Fieldy: Happy birthday, Munky!

Munky: :D Thanks!

Head: *Smashes cake into Munky's face* Yeah, happy birthday!

Munky: :(

Jonathan: *Wipes cake off Munky's face* *Eats it* Mmmm!

David: D: You guys! I worked on that cake for two days! >:(

Jonathan: You bake?

Head: :O

David: -_- Yes.

Jonathan: Well, the cake tastes good. Well done, Dave.

David: Thanks?

Jonathan: You're welcome. *Pats David's back*

Ray: Happy birthday! :D

Munky: *Kicks Ray in the balls*

Ray: I don't have balls! :D

Jonathan: So THAT explains it...

I'm so mean to Ray! :'D Oh, well. I'm listening to The Paradigm Shift right now, so I guess I don't hate him THAT much, lol. (But I really don't like him. Team David!) So, there's another chapter. No one likes Ray still. Nothing has changed. XD So, yeah, peace.

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