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Derek POV
I look around the loft and see all the gloomy and terrified faces of my pack. The reaping is tomorrow. It's their last year. I just really hope no one is reaped. I can't watch a pack member fight in the games. Or worse die in the games. Let's just hope no one is chosen.

No body's POV
It's the day of the reaping and everyone is gathered in the middle of district 3.
"Females to the left. Males to the right. Parents gaurdians or people over the age of 18 in the back." A voice was heard over the speakers. Stiles Scott Isaac Boyd Ethan and Aiden went toe right while Lydia Allison Erica and Cora went to the left. Derek went to the back as a gaurdian.
Effie trinket walks onto the stage in a pink dress with push hair and eye makeup.
"Welcome to the 75th hunger games! May the old be ever in your favor. Now before we get started, their are some minor announcements. This year four tributes will be chosen from each district but they will fight as team. No lone survivor. You will win as districts."
"Oh yes those are minor announcements!" Stiles sarcastically whisper tells. "Now for the female tribute."

Hey!!! I'm so excited to write this book!!! I probably won't put out the next chapter for about 2 weeks because I will be on vacation so no wifi:(. But I will update as soon as possible. I hope you love the story!!!!

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