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      Naru-kitty's P.O.V. Third Person~

     Naru-kitty crawled around the house, wondering where his Master had run off too. Mewing out for him, wanting him. "Mwaster Sasuke!" He meowed, perking his ears and waiting for his response. Only... There wasn't one. He began to grow worried, his Master is usually never late and responds right away. Where could he have gone? Naru-kitty thought, his tail swishing back and forth in annoyance and worry.

     Getting onto his back feet, he began to walk into the main quarters of the Uchiha Estate. Noticing all the maids and butlers frantically cleaning the house. Preparing for some new arrivals to the mansion. The blonde neko walked over to a maid, tugging on her dress. She looked down at him and gave a faint smile, "Master Sasuke will be back, he had to go on a small business meeting this morning." She said to him. He grinned and nodded, thanking her with a small lick on her cheek, causing for her to blush.

     Naru-kitty then turned, heading in the direction of the main doors. Sitting onto his calves and rested his hindquarters on his heels. Waiting patiently for the raven haired Master to arrive home. Licking the back of his hand, running it over his ear and reached for his tail. Gently fixing the fuzzed out fur like hairs with his bristled tongue. Perking up once he heard the familiar sound of his Master's voice. Leaping to his hind feet and his tail twitched at the tip.

     Sasuke's P.O.V. Third Person~

     Master Sasuke opened the large double doors, standing at the frame and looked down upon his pet who had clung to his suit pants. "Well... This is an unusual greeting Naru." Sasuke said with his deep monotone, but melodious voice. Causing for the blonde neko to release his grasp and flush a bright pink. He mumbled lightly under his breath, causing for Sasuke to think it to be rather adorable.

     "Naru, would you like to go to my private quarters with me?" He asked, taking Naru-kitty gently into his arms after the blonde nodded. Giving off an affectionate and tender smile once the flush on the blonde's cheeks turned to a more crimson tone, spreading to his whole face. A loud purr rang out over the embarrassment, letting Sasuke know he isn't too embarrassed, but rather enjoying himself in a sense.

    Naru-kitty's P.O.V. Third Person~

     Master's private quarters! Oh... I've waited so long for this! Naru-kitty thought, his tail swaying back and forth with curiosity and anticipation glowing from his round sapphire slatted eyes. His ears folded back neatly against his blonde scalp, twiddling with the tie that hung from around Master Sasuke's neck. His cheeks burnt a bright crimson as they headed down the long hall-way. Turning into a fancy room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A bed neatly made with red sheets, white pillows and a pure black comforter gently made upon the large king sized mattress. A desk in the corner with large novels lined along the walls. A lamp dimly lit and a few pencils scattered about.

     Master Sasuke set down Naru-kitty upon the bed, letting for the neko to glance around the room. Taking in the cool and sweet scent of the place before sitting down next to him. Asking him what he thought of the place. Naru-kitty's only response was a massive flushed face, having a small clue as to why the master had brought him there in the first place. His heart beat became heavy and his palms sweaty, his ears drew back and tail puffed out. "M-Master..." He said with a stutter. Only to be cut off when Sasuke leaned forward and kissed him upon his lips.

     His eyes grew wide and his pupils dilated, digging his claws into the fabric of the blanket and his tail frizzed out even more. Gently being pushed downward and he grew tense. Light shock waves of his nerves burned as his Master placed his hand underneath the loose button up shirt. "M-Ma..." He moaned out, "M-Master Sasu... Sasuke!"


Sorry to cut it off a bit short... But this seems like a good time to end it! Hehe, suspense kills, but so does STDS!

Hopefully Master Sasuke remembers to use protection... Or young Naru-kitty might be in a hell lot of trouble. CX 

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