Chapter 15

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Alicia Clark.

I wake up to my head laying on the blonde girls shoulder.

I slowly move my head of her shoulder I don't won't to wake her up.

It's dark outside.

Probably around midnight.

I start trying to get my hands out of the rope.

"What exactly are you thinking princess? You're gonna get out of you're ropes and get out of the car without waking up me or Jane ?"

The blonde girl whispers.

I look over at her and she opens her eyes for two seconds and then closes them again.

She has a point.

I lean back.

"Yeah that's what I thought cutie."

I adjust my head so that I'm looking her in the eyes.

"I thought I was princess."

She smiles.

"You are. It just so happens that your a cute princess."

She closes her eyes back.

So do I.

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