Chapter 16 - The Stench of Goblins

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Eastern Barrier Range

Wrath surfed along the wind currents as he circled high overhead, letting his crimson wings stretch their full length. Below, hordes of nasty green Gobelins assembled in packs. They camped in the forest awaiting Kane's orders.

In ancient times, when his ancestors first conquered these lands, the Gobelins hunted dragons. They stalked them in their lairs, trying to locate the dragons' cashe of gold and precious jewels. They were just as greedy, if not greedier than dragons.

The Gobelins never had much luck. The little monsters were always smelled long before they had the chance of sneaking around. Their stench preceded them. Once Dragonwall finally belonged to him and his clan, he vowed to slaughter every one of the little Gobelins.

Kane cared nothing for the green men's lives; once this was all over, there would be no need of them. Kane cared for nothing. Kane did not care for Wrath and his clan. He cared only for power. Wrath knew this. He played along with Kane's game...for now.

His dragon eyes looked below as he circled yet again. Kane stood amongst the Gobelins, far beneath his flight-borne body. His parley with the creatures was taking some time. All the better for him: Carrying the Asarlaí was heavy work. After a week of it, his wings felt much better free of the added weight, so did his mind. With no one else for company in the sky, Kane often picked Wrath's brains for attack strategies. Wrath was careful not to share much more than the basics with him. Kane was ultimately his enemy—everyone but his own brothers and sisters were.

He also welcomed the flight for other reasons. The stench of the Gobelin mass was enough to sting any nostril. He regarded the filthy creatures with disdain. He would have lit the lot of them on fire if he could have. How he would enjoy seeing them burn!

When he was a young hatchling, he'd heard stories of the ruthlessness of Gobelins and their greed. It was one thing to seek wealth for political reasons and need, but to desire riches simply for the joy of hoarding? That was pure folly. What good was treasure if never spent?

The Gobelins had raided the ancient dragon settlements, pouring in from Pavv. Their speed gave them an advantage over those unaware. Nearly all their missions resulted in failure, but not before inflicting harm and injury to those involved.

Had they any smarts, the Gobelins would have given up after the first few raids. The smelly beings were too stupid for such reasoning. They became a quick enemy to the dragons and remained so to this day.

He flapped his wings hard, taking his hulking body even higher until he was lost in the clouds. The cool mist was refreshing against his burning scales. Too much time had passed since his last attacks upon Dragonwall. The pent-up fire in his belly would not hold forever. He longed to return to his clan. He ached for battle. Soon enough the time would come. Fort Squall would stand no chance against his mighty force. His fires would melt the fort, cutting off the north from the south.

He imagined the attack upon the fort, rumbling with glee as he saw his force sweeping in and taking the fort's Drengr unaware. None would see them coming, for they would come from a most unexpected direction—the sea. While the fort focused its scrutiny upon the northern territories, the Ice Clan would fly across the range out to the sea. From there they would trek south just off the coast, close enough to rest when needed, far enough to go unseen. How Fort Squall would scream its terror when they appeared in the sky. He longed for the day. For now, he was to bide his time. The Gobelins would make the first move. They would begin their attacks on the eastern part of Dragonwall in Austar. Its unsuspecting inhabitants would have their hands full. Simultaneously, ships would begin their attacks upon the coast. Dragonwall would be struck from all sides.

Once the north was cut off, his clan would take control and force the people of the north to swear allegiance to Kane. From there, they would begin their assault upon the south. Once Kane had control of the whole kingdom, the north would be his.

"Negotiations are complete." Kane's voice was an unwelcome intrusion into his contemplations. "The Gobelins will begin their strikes at dawn the day after tomorrow." Kane's thoughts were laced with excitement.

"That is good news. May we leave?" He was eager to be away. The sooner he returned to his clan, the sooner they would carry out their next attack—small as it was—he would only be satisfied with northern villages for so long.

"We may leave."

He turned on his wingtip and began his return to Kane, realizing that he had flown much farther from the Gobelin army than intended. When he landed in the forest clearing, his nose was met with the all too familiar stench of rotting filth.

Kane spent several minutes longer in discussions with a commander before making his way over to climb upon his back.

"I cannot stand the smell of them."

"Neither can I, but we need them."

Just as Kane needed him, and he needed Kane, but that would not last forever. He would kill Kane when this was all over. He kept those final thoughts to himself. It was fortunate that Kane possessed no Mind Bender abilities. His powerful legs and forearms launched from the ground sending them high into the air, and they were off.

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