Chapter 22 - The End

I didn’t stay over the night; my parent came and took me home. It was strange because they knew nothing about what I had been through. Harriet returned home, and made up an excuse that she just had a wild night and was angry about a family conflict. Sally worked her magic again and convinced Harriet’s parent not to be too angry that their daughter ran away from home.

It only took another 3 days for me to be completely back to normal, and by then it was a Wednesday and the week was already half over. There wasn’t too much fuss about Harriet after that and all the rumours died down. And for once I wasn’t stressed that week, maybe because I knew I could now trust James, or that I knew that all of us would be okay, no matter what life threw at us.

But at the weeks progressed, and year 10 way ending, more question began to flutter into my head, the main one inside all of our head was; Why are we like this? No one knew, and there was no one to ask. James provides little detail and his powers turned just as unexpectedly like ours. I found it hard to believe that it was still the wish that had caused all this, but I might be proven wrong.

Our lives were moving so fast, and it was a struggle to keep up, everyday our powers became stronger and stronger.

But there was still this little brain cell in the back of my head that reminded me every day that Sam was still out, would he come back? I’m not sure. But it kept me awake some nights thinking about it.

I found out most of my questions from that crazy night, Sam kidnapped Harriet because of her powers, and forced her to heal him, but she said she never did. I felt pride in Harriet when she told me for not given in. I found out that Lissa and James shared a lot of secrets and they had both known about each other for a long time, and so had Sally. It was hard to keep a secret from her when she is always buzzing around every one’s head, which she says is just a minor thing she does to make sure everything is all right, and no one is keeping a massive secret that could endanger us all.

Our story is far from over, I’d say we are still in the first chapter, and from now on I would live life to the fullest. When I almost lost my life, something clicked and t was like my life flashed in front of my eyes, and I realised how much I had missed out on. I could be struck down any day, and I need to make the most of everyday.

I’m a happier person now, even though it’s only been a few weeks, a person can change a lot in a short amount of time, you’d be surprised. But I think the happenings of this year have scared us all, not just physically.

And then like it had only been a minute, the last day of term arrived, we said our goodbyes even though I knew I would see them in the next few days at a party we had only just planned.

The way we are so alike makes us close, the superpowers are just an extra that binds us in a way not humanly possible. I know we will always be together, no matter which direction we take.

"I don't anyone was expecting this to happen," Lissa said casually, sitting on the swing and rocking back and forth slowly.

"How could you? People like us don't just fall out of the sky every second day," Sally laughed, and shook her head.

"What if they did. Not literally, but what if there were other out there like us, we already know there are two, James and the kidnapper, why not hundred more!" I exclaimed pushing myself higher on the swing.

"And so far, each of us has been unique, James and his shielding thing, and Sam how he could change forms. Just imagine all the different kinds of powers that could be out there, we should start looking for them," Sally said thoughtfully, her head giving her so many ideas I’m surprised it didn't blow up.