Conversion Academy {2}

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Before I got a chance to reply to that, the classroom door opened. Everyone watched as the teacher came back in.

He eyed the board, looking at Kaz's handwriting. "Casimir, this is your work?"

"That it is, Sternberg," Kaz said.

"That's Mr. Sternberg to you," he said, curling his lip in disgust. "Stop by my desk at the end of class for your detention slip."

Kaz spread his hands. "I'm trying to spark a discussion. It's a quote from Paradise Lost."

"I don't care what it's a quote from." Mr. Sternberg picked up the eraser and wiped at Kaz's words. He scribbled the assignment back on the board and glared out at the class. "Everyone get to work. No talking."

I looked around as everyone pulled out a book, flipping through it and beginning to write. Mr. Sternberg was seated at his desk, looking through a stack of papers.

"Hey," I whispered to Pete. "What's the book?"

"I said no talking!" Mr. Sternberg barked. "Or would you like to join Casimir in detention?"

"I don't have a book, sir," I said. Oh god I hated when people yelled at me. For someone whose natural response to 90% of everything was "fight me", I cried way too easily.

I looked around as everyone stopped writing. They were all looking at Kaz with anxious expressions. Oh god, what now?

Mr. Sternberg got up and grabbed something out of his desk. He came over and slapped down a book on my desk before sitting back down.

I picked up the book and had to choke back laughter. Was this really my freaking life now?

"New Testament - Psalms Proverbs" was written across the cover of the book in gold lettering. I flipped it open and my eyes scanned over the passages.

I glanced around the room again, but kids were back to writing in their notebooks. Kaz was scribbling something on a piece of paper, which he folded and slipped to Pete.

Pete unfolded the note after checking to make sure Mr. Sternberg wasn't paying attention. He read whatever was written there and gave a slight nod at Kaz, slipping the paper into his pocket.

I checked the instructions on the board and began to work on the assignment, which was to pick a passage from the book and write my thoughts on it. The class was eerily silent, everyone keeping their heads down as they worked. Mr. Sternberg, when he was finished looking through the papers, watched us like a hawk.

The bell rang a while later and everyone got up. Kaz walked up to Mr. Sternberg's desk and held out his hand. Mr. Sternberg slapped a detention slip into it.

"Thanks, Sternberg. The room could use a little confetti to make it more cheerful," Kaz said, tearing the paper to little shreds and sprinkling them across the floor.

"Casimir!" Mr. Sternberg yelled as Kaz grinned and slipped out of the room. Mr. Sternberg clenched his fists, glaring at the torn slip on the floor with hatred.

Someone bumped my shoulder and I looked up at Pete. He gave me a sympathetic look.

"Shit Killian, I don't know who's going to break you first; the teachers, or Kaz," he said. "Good luck, newbie."

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