Hey Guys So everyone But Professor X, Beast, Logan, Storm, and Scott from the X-men are teens. Jean Grey is dead.

3rd Person P.O.V:

Tony Stark pulled up to the Xavier Institute. Students look at him in shock and in awe. He takes a little girl out of the back of his sports car. They Girl has brown hair and Looks about four.  He is met by the Professor. "Mr. Stark. Thank you for bringing her here." Professor X says. "Will my niece(What? You didn't see that coming?) be safe here Professor?" Stark asks. "We can talk in my office." Professor X says as Kids stare at them. They walk to The Professor's office. Stark sits when they enter the office. "The DNA test is positive?" The Professor asks. "Yes," Stark hands the Professor a piece of paper. "I'll come back in a week, if he does not want to be apart of her life she will live with me and if he wants to be in her life I'll be come see her when ever I can. Charles, people put me as some egoistic person with no heart. But the truth is I love her she's my niece. There is nothing in the world that can make me not love her." Charles smile at him. "And Charles, I would be honored if you'll be her Grandfather sense She doesn't have one." Stark says. "I'd love to." Professor X replies. "Whitney can you come here please." Stark says. "Yes Uncle Tony?" The five year old asks. "This is your Grandpa Charles and you are going to stay here for a week and meet your Dad."  Stark said. "Okay Uncle Tony. Hi Grandpa Charles!" The five year old said. Stark kissed the girl's head. "I'll be back in a week, Okay Whiter Bug(Whit-er Bug)?" Stark asks. "Okay Uncle Tony." Stark leaves. "Lets go meet some people, shall we?" Charles asks the  five year old. "Yes Please Papa Charles." Whitney answers. 

Professor X's P.O.V:

How am I going to explain this to Scott? I pick up Whitney and set her on my lap. She giggles. I head to the control room for the Danger room. Beast, Logan, and Storm are there. "Hello." I say. "Who's the kid?" Logan asks. "This is Whitney. What's your last name?" I ask. "Stark like Uncle Tony!" Whitney giggles. "So Stark is her Uncle." Logan says. "You wont believe who her father is." I say. "Who?" Beast asks. "Scott." I state. Their jaws drop. "You remind me of my Uncle Bruce." Whitney says pointing at Beast. "Oh, how so?" Beast asks. "Your like him except he turns into a big green person that smashes." She answers. Beast turns to Storm. "Did she just compare me to the Hulk?" He asks. "Yes she did." Storm answers. The others walk in. "Professor, who's the girl?" Scott asks. "Kitty can you show Whitney here around I have to talk to the Adults, alone please." I say. "Sure. Come on Whitney." Whitney walks out with Kitty. "Scott do you remember your ex girlfriend Samantha Stark you had five years ago?" I ask. "Yeah." He replies. "Well her Brother Tony came to me a few weeks ago and well the little girl that just left with Kitty is your daughter." I tell him. "Tony will be back in a week to hear your answer. If you don't want to be in her life she will live with him. But if you do he asks to be able to see her still." I tell him. "I want to be in her life." Scott says. "Oh and Scott." I say. "Ya." He asks. "She thinks I'm her Grandfather because of Tony." "Okay, I was going to ask that anyway." 

Kitty's P.O.V:

We go into another living room. Whitney spots a piano. "Do you play?" She asks me. "No I don't." I say. "I can teach you if you want." She says. That shocked everyone that she can play. "Can you actually play?" Bobby asks. Me and Rogue slap him in the back of the head. "Sure I can, here I 'll show you." She says. She sits at the piano. Her fingers glide on the keys playing Roar by Katy Perry. Scott and the adults come in. They are shocked. When she's done Kurt asks. "What other songs can you do?" "I also have Royals by Lorde and See You again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth memorized and I know most of Story of my life by One direction." She shrugs. "Can you play Royals please?" Evan, Storm's nephew, asks. She nods and starts to play. Her fingers  glide across the keys once again.  When she's done we clap. "Can you play more?" Scott asks sitting with her. She nods and plays See You Again.  When shes done Scott says something that shocks the teens in the room. "Hi, Whitney. I'm Scott Summers. I'm your Dad." Kurt fainted. "Is that true Papa Charles?" She asks. "Yes Whit it's true." Professor says. "Why do you wear those glasses, Daddy?" Whitney asks Scott. I can see hear Scott's heart swell in his voice. "Because I have a special gift, and these glasses help me keep my gift under control." He says. She hugs him and then Kurt walks up. "So Whitney do you want the last name Stark or do you want my last name?" Scott asks. "What's your last name?" "Summers." "Okay." I laugh at her cuteness.   



See You Again^^^^

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