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"Look, he's here!"

"Isn't he England's new chaser?!"

"But he's so young..."

"He's just a boy!"

"So disgusting how he got all those women pregnant..."

"Whatever, he's probably not even that good..." a rather deluded first year yelled over the crowd of people gathered at platform nine and three quarters gawking at Harry.

Harry walked passed them casually, forgoing his glamour charm keeping his identity a secret, with Archie and Stephanie by his side.

"Are you just going to ignore everyone?" Stephanie asked with a frown as Harry walked passed a rather cute young girl asking for his autograph, not caring at all that he had probably broken her little heart "not all of them are the vulture types" she mumbled, patting the little girl on the head as she started to tear up.

Harry didn't seem to care though and just shrugged, not caring in the slightest.

"Hey, you're ignoring us too now?" Archie asked, with a frown.

Harry's answer was just a raising of the eyebrow and stuffing of his long, black, woollen coat's pockets.

Archie eyed Harry up and down before frowning at him "What are you, a Quidditch player or a model?"

Stephanie looked to him too with a contemplative look on her face as Harry looked himself over; knee length black coat, tight jeans, tight leather gloves, cashmere scarf and fairly expensive dragon hide boots.

"What's the matter?" he asked, a frown marring his features "I threw something on, I like looking good, so what?"

"For who?" he asked sarcastically "your adoring fans?" he motioned towards the little girl they had just passed.

"Narcissa Malfoy" Harry answered, or Archie assumed answered to his question. If Archie and Stephanie had been drinking anything, he was sure they would have spit it out on instinct to avoid choking.

"What the hell are you..." Archie began but was interrupted by a regal and elegant voice speaking over his protests.

"You must be the famous Harry Potter" she said with a raised brow "I must confess, I am no Quidditch fan, but I expected..." she eyed him up and down, like a snake eyeing its prey "more" she finished, a small smirk on her face, as if expecting something.

Harry mirrored her raised brow while Stephanie and Archie gawked at the scene; the wife of the Lord Malfoy casually addressing Harry on the middle of platform nine and three quarters without her husband's company? The chances of that happening normally are as high as the chances of Harry going back to that little girl and giving her a piggy back ride around the platform – not high...

"I am afraid I have yet to purchase a pimp cane like your husband's, so I may come off as lacking" he said, with faux regret "fortunately for you though, Mrs Malfoy, if that and strapping young men are what get you off, I will make it my top priority to rectify that as soon as possible" he said, with a mocking bow.

If Archie and Stephanie weren't shocked before, they definitely were now – Harry was flirting with an influential lord's wide, adangerouslord who is suspected of being an ex-death eater.

"As crude as your father with a wit to match your mother's" she said with narrowed eyes, though the slight smirk on her lips completely ruined the effect.

"I take it you would appreciate the gesture then?" he asked "I will put in an order as soon as possible then, I've always wanted a cane, now that you mention it..."

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