The Philosopher's stone

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I am really sorry for not updating and I promised I would update more often but I got caught up in life(mainly eating and sleeping) so I'll be uploading 3 chapter today as a sorry!!! Enjoy my friends! WOOHOO!

Today was Valentines Day, a day Harry had only learned to cope with by simply ignoring everything and everyone that even tried to initiate any form of communications with him, whether it be in the form of conversations, mail or 'googly eyes'.

He honestly wouldn't complain if the stupid day was destroyed all together, then perhaps he could avoid situations like the one he was in now. Sitting in a pile in front of him would literally have to be fifty letters, all from various females from the school no doubt.

Archie sat beside him with a broad smile as he too had received his own stack of around twenty valentines, causing Harry to remind himself that even though Archie acted like a moron sometimes...

Most of the time...

Ok, perhaps all the time...

Even given that fact, he was still, from what gossip dictated, one of the 'hottest' guys in school. He did no such thing to dissuade such a rumour or public opinion; in fact, he did everything to encourage it. Harry had almost busted his gut from holding in his laughter a couple of weeks previous when Archie had continuously, and purposefully, dropped his quill in front of some first and second year girls and made a show of bending over while sticking out his posterior as much as possible in a pair of rather tight sweat pants.

It was rather ridiculous, he was thirteen years old, and he seriously doubted that they would appreciate the view of a bony and skinny ass such as Archie's.

He was wrong.

Harry had been dumbstruck when two of the girls, Cho Chang and Marietta Edgecombe had just blushed and giggle squealed. That last part probably wouldn't make much sense if he explained what he heard to a third party, but it is the only way to explain the sound he heard.

It was a combination of a high pitch giggle and a squeal that he was positive only female members of the human species had the ability to replicate.

"Oh mate, check it out, I'm a regular chick magnet!" Archie gushed with excitement as he read through all his letters.

Harry looked at him in amusement as he practically dive bombed into his little pile and read through the letters.

"Enjoying yourself then?" Harry asked the energetic boy.

"Now, now Harry, just because the females are beginning to notice that I am by far a better specimen of the male species, that's no reason to turn all sour – take your loss like a man" he cooed in an annoying tone, completely ignoring Harry's pile of valentines day cards the owls had so graciously dumped on him that was currently dwarfing Archie's own.

Harry grinned before responding, a rather ingenious idea coming to mind "I guess that means Stephanie is no longer off the market – as it were – seeing as you're having a rather fun time with all your new secret admirers..." he enjoyed the look of horror that dawned on Archie's features, it would only get better "which is just as well, she did ask me to Hogsmeade after all, I should probably take her up on that offer..."

"SHE WHAT?!" Archie bellowed in the middle of the great hall, drawing everyone's attention – the boy didn't seem to care though.

Harry sent a smirk over to Stephanie who had snapped her head in their direction with a look of horror on her face – her 'Archie is about to do something incredibly embarrassing to her' senses had been fine tuned over the years they had grown up together, so naturally, they must be currently 'tingling' in overdrive.

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