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so I was tagged by 100000 people to do this tag thing and I'm supposed to post rules and shit but I'm way too lazy so I'mma just get started

1. my name is Evie and I'm a hotmess

2. I'm so fucking shy when you first meet me like you'll need to be the person who starts the conversation and also keep it going because I'll probably say yes/no to everything you say lol why am I such mess

3. I only have fake friends and they all think I'm annoying???

4. I will wear sweaters no matter what temperature

5. I look 12 and anorexic but I actually eat 24/7 lol how even I literally wonder where all the food goes like hOW. yes, hello food, dis me. where did you go??? I'm honestly clueless

6. I have an obsession with High School Musical. the songs always makes me feel positive and happy so if you often feel depressed and down I REALLY recommend watching the movie or just listening to the songs and dance :)

7. Moonlight, Be Alright and Thinkin Bout You are my faves from DW

8. FACT: 80's music is the best. don't fight me, I'm right. I recommend you listen to George Michael's song Cowboys and Angels; it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my entire life. even if you're not into 80's music it's still worth a try I swear it won't disappoint.

9. I am the laziest person you'll ever meet

10. I love every animal so much... like scary much. I saw a sheep the other day and it was just standing there like a dumbass but I just melted and started talking to it in my head from a distance.... I need help???????

11. I love wearing make-up but I'm not really good at it so it always look ew but yo I feel like I'm getting slighty better at it so

12. I only shave my legs in the summer because literally what's the point of doing it in the winter??? ain't nobody gonna see or feel them except for me and I don't give a shit. I need to rant about this because it's important. I hate girls who do shave everything (and I mean everything ya know) to pressure girls who don't shave everything to do so like boo???? I have a motherfucking jungle down there and you bet your ass I'm proud of it like I'm growing plants and have animals living there you can't say that huh? yeah that's what I thought. okay back to the point: don't let other girls give you the feeling that you have to shave everywhere when you don't really feel the need to or just don't want to or whatever okay. do whatever the fuck you want!

13. I start crying very easily like if you're a stranger and simply look me in the eye there's a good chance I'll get teary-eyed. why you ask? I don't even know I'm a mess

14. Tanning is impossible for me because I always get sunburned instead

15. I hate going out and I love being home, like I will come up with every possible lie to stay home. #yayforsocializing #not

hope you enjoyed these facts about me lol

now I'm supposed to tag other people but nahhh too lazy and kinda in a hurry sorry babes

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