Chapter 2

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When you read this, listen to "Unsteady" by X Ambassadors. That's what I listened to while writing his chapter

Several Years Later

Rey's POV

I sit in my room. It's been five years since I've seen Ben. Five years since i destroyed the Jedi training camp. Five years.

I stand up and put on my hood and vail. I walk down to the control room. I walk up to General Hux. "We have located where the droid and the boy and ran off to with the map to Skywalker, Ma'ma."

I nod. "Very good, send the location to my ship. I will be leaving at once. Load up several ships with stormtroopers and we will be in our way." I turn around with my cape swishing behind me. I feel someone staring at me. I turn around to see Hux stating at me. "Get back to work General Hux."

I walk down to the hanger and see all the ships being loaded up with stormtroopers. I climb on my ship ready to get the map to my old master. I was going to finish the man that killed my parents.

I get off of my ship and look at the destruction forming around me. I see a stormtrooper walk up to me. "The boy and the droid were seen running into the forest that way," FN-1558 says. I nod to him and he runs back into the chaos.

I run off in the direction that the trooper had pointed. I can can tell that he's close. I finally see him. I can tell that he's heard me because he's pointing around a small blaster. I turn on my lightsaber and step out of the darkness.

He turns and pours his blaster at me. I laugh and throw it out of his hands using the force. He starts to run and I chase after him, destroying everything in my path.

We make it to a clearing and I freeze him in his path. He stares at me. I walk up to him with my ignited lightsaber hanging at my side. I swing it up towards his neck. "The droid, where is it?" I question him.

"I'll never tell you," he spats at me. I turn off my lightsaber.I reach my hand out and read his mind. You've been so lonely. Then you thought you finally found somewhere you can fit in," I say circling around him. "How cute," I spat back him. He flinches. "Oh,  you've convinced the droid to show you the map. Great, you're all I need."

I make him pass out and pick him up using the force. I walk back to my ship. I smile to myself. Master Snoke will be happy with me for once in my life time.

Ben's POV

I wake up strapped into a chair. I look around the room. "I finally you're awake," I hear feminine voice say. I see a caped figure walk towards me. "Are you going to give me the map or not?"

I shake my head,"never in a million years. Especially to a hooded monster like you."

I see her reach up to her hood and pushes it off. Then she takes off the vail covering up half of her face. As soon as I see her full face, I feel a connection to her.

"Not a monster anymore, am I," she says smiling. I stare at her face. She's beautiful. I've never seen anyone as beautiful as her in my entire life, or have I. I faintly remember anything before I crashed on Jakku.

"I'm still not giving you the map," I say shaking my head.

"Fine. I guess I'll take it myself," she says reaching her hand out to my head. I feel her searching though my thoughts and mind.

"You've been so lonely since you crashed on Jakku. You've spent many sleepless nights trying to remember someone. You call yourself Kylo Ren, but that's not your real name. Your real name is..." She stops. I see tears forming in her eyes. "Ben."

"Give me the map Ben," she says with her eyes pleading.  I closed my eyes and somehow memory came flooding back. I opened my eyes.


I see tears streaming down her face. She puts back in her bail and hood. She turns around and walks out of the room.

I close my eyes and remember that she was my best friend. She was the one that saves me from dying in an attack. She loved me and I loved her.

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