On Monday morning Jack found himself reluctantly walking through the gates of the local high school, unable to tear himself away from the uncontrollable desire to turn his heel and walk straight back out again.

He didn't want to be here at all, his mind so full of worry for his mother's safety while he was gone that he could barely function. So why was he here, you ask?

Megan McLoughlin was a stubborn bitch, that's why.

They had argued for the guts of an hour last night but she just wouldn't fucking listen to him, claiming he should be out here having a social life instead of being cooped up in their Ma's bedroom when he didn't need to be.

The green haired boy had replied with venom, she needed him, he couldn't leave her alone especially now when her condition had gotten so much worse in such a short space of time. But Megan wouldn't listen to a word that came out of his mouth, trying to reassure him that she would go and stay with her instead if it would make him feel better. He knew she was lying.

Megan hated visiting their Ma, not because she hated her or anything stupid like that, in fact it was quite the opposite. Megan couldn't stand to see what she had become, a pale, hollow and fragile shell of a human being that had once been their mother, full of life and happiness. Jack hated thinking about it that way but it was the truth. All the joy had been sucked out of their mother because of this sickness, it wasn't fair.

"Jack?" He heard a voice ask as a hand came down on his shoulder, keeping a firm hold on him, grounding him to earth like an anchor. "Are you okay?"

He nodded without even thinking about it as he looked up into the face of Mark Fischbach, his warm brown eyes full of concern. The green haired boy blinked hard, bringing himself back into present day with a crash. He was standing in the middle of the history classroom and Mark still had his hand on his shoulder, eyes searching his face for any sign of discomfort.

"Are you sure?" The half Korean pushed and Jack couldn't help but feel a spark of irritation ignite in his chest. Why the fuck does he even care?

"Yes Mark, I'm fine." He said sharply, much harsher than he first intended. Oh, so he was going to go back to being a dick, was he? Seriously? "Sorry, I-"

"Oi! Faggot! Wanna go for another round!?" Came a shout from behind him, alerting him to the fact he was standing in the middle of a classroom full of students who were all probably listening into their conversation right now. Judging, commenting and bitching about him and his fucking life decisions. Fuck this shit.

He made to turn and leave but there was someone blocking his way, a tall and bulky, dark haired boy stood in his way, a smirk gracing his lips like a child who got away with stealing from his mother's cookie jar. Ethan.

Now, last week Jack would've probably picked a fight with the boy there and then. This was the boy who gave him a hard time on his first day about being Irish, a grade A prick who enjoyed to act like a big man in class. Everything about him, his aura, his attitude and his face in general just annoyed Jack in every way possible.

But too much had happened in this last week for him to particularly give two shits about what this bastard thought of him.

Jack made to walk straight past the other boy but was instead sent flying backwards with an unexpected punch to the jaw. The hit sent black spots dancing across his vision and he shook his head trying to clear it as the sounds of yelling became apparent.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! He didn't even do anything!" Came a shout. Was that Mark?

Jack was just so tired. Like sure, he'd been sleepy before but he had never felt exhaustion like what he felt right now, his eyes drooping as his jaw throbbed dully. He couldn't keep his eyes open and he could feel himself falling into unconsciousness, unable to fight the tempting peacefulness that came with being knocked out. This was fucking stupid, he'd taken hits far harder than this from Jason and he'd been fine. Yet he could feel himself slipping away, a kind of silent relief taking over his mind.

The last thing Jack heard before he went completely under was the strangely satisfactory sound of a nose being broken followed by Ethan spewing curses. Funnily enough, he found it a sweet, sweet lullaby as he finally fell into a blissfully dreamless sleep for the first time in far too long.

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