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Jack P.O.V

The rest of Jack's weekend slipped away in a dull blur of sleepless nights and days spent practically glued to his Ma's bed, watching over her like her own personal, slightly exhausted body guard. He couldn't stop reliving the nightmares of what Jason would do to her, tossing and turning for hours before falling into a fitful sleep that barely lasted an hour. He refused to leave her out of his sight afterwards, paranoia setting in.

As soon as he had arrived in his Ma's room Felix had pulled him aside, concern filling his blue eyes. "Look, Jack. Sam's condition has taken a decline during the last few days and you know that. She's refusing to eat anything solid because it's hurting her to swallow and she hasn't spoken to any of us in 3 days. I've been trying to convince her to take soup to at least have something in her stomach but it hasn't been easy. She's in the more severe stages and we might have to send her to a hospital in the city if this continues."

Jack knew he had gone pale, he could practically feel the blood drain from his face, but he still felt himself nod slowly in response. "Do whatever you think is best." He forced out, his voice rough and gritty from the alcohol he'd burned it with the night before. If his mother was moved to the city he wouldn't get to see her, protect her, help her like he was supposed to. He had no money to buy his own place in the city and Megan wouldn't allow him to touch her car with a ten foot pole. If his Ma left, he would be left high and dry, stuck in this deadbeat town with no reason to stay.

Felix sighed quietly, running a hand through his blonde hair. "I know it seems like she only just got here but we really don't have enough staff to give her the 24/7 care that she deserves. Plus, I think she might be happier in a place that is more suited to her needs. I know she's been feeling sad recently." The Swedish man sounded apologetic, his voice strained.

Jack didn't need Felix to tell him his Ma was feeling down, it was written all over her face when he walked through the door. He could tell in the way his Ma could no longer look him in the eye, her eyes always focused on her lap, the floor or her thin fingers which would fiddle nervously with her blanket. It was like she was ashamed to look him in the face. She was weak, weaker than Jack had ever seen her, barely able to move herself without assistance from a carer. He really understood why they couldn't always give her the extra treatment, the place was understaffed as it was.

"Don't worry, Felix. I get it." Jack sighed. He really was tired. Not just physically but mentally as well. Stress weighed down on him like a ton of bricks thrown upon his shoulders and he'd never really noticed it until another brick was added, another problem on top of a million others slowly bringing him to his knees the longer he held onto them. All he wanted was for his mother to be happy and if he had to send her away to achieve that, he would do it. No matter how much it hurt.

Felix nodded, a sombre look on his face. "Nothing's finalized yet, Jack, but I just thought you should know. We'll be keeping a close eye on her condition and see where we go from there, okay?"

Jack let a small smile tug at the corners of his mouth even though he didn't feel like smiling and reached a hand out to pat Felix on the shoulder gently. "Sure, keep me up to date, okay?"

The blonde gave him a grim smile in return along with a nod before leaving Jack to go back into his Ma's little room where she lay sleeping peacefully. He let out a low sigh, brushing a little strand of hair away from her bony face. She was always tired nowadays because she was too scared to close her eyes at night, even reading her stories didn't seem to work anymore.

"I love you, Ma." He whispered, placing a tiny kiss on her forehead, purposefully ignoring the stupid fucking tear that leaked from his eye and crawled down his cheek as he moved back over to his normal seat to watch over her while she slept.

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