Plane rides, and deep conversations.

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"Hey de, wake up our plane just got called for boarding." I heard Calum say and I opened my eyes.

I got up and grabbed my carry on.
Calum grabbed my hand and we waited for everyone else to get their stuff. We made our way to the gates and gave them our tickets then we boarded.

I sat beside Calum and we made small talk until the plane took off.

After an hour or two I looked over to our right and saw Luke and Evelyn passed out. They were so cute. I looked behind them and saw Michael and his headphones, looking out the window, h and Ashton and Luke were asleep as well.

"Hey Delilah?" Calum asked softly.

"What's wrong Cal?" I asked. He never really called me by my full name unless it was serious and his face read serious, just as much as the time of his voice.

"Can I ask you something?" He said while fumbling with my fingers.

"Sure." I responded nervously.

"There's something I've kinda wanted to ask for like ever, and I've never really gotten the nerve to ask.. Look when you hear loud noises you used to like have panic attacks, I think it's gotten better but i just wanted to know what happened." He rambled and my stomach sunk. I guess it wasn't that big of a deal but it scared me so much.

"Oh yeah." I started and sighed.

"You don't have to tell me." He reassured.

"No it's fine. It was in my sophomore year and I had been pretty depressed. I never got out, and if always cry about the loss of my dad. Lauren would always try to get me out of my slump but it never worked. Once day she introduced me to get friend Evan. He was amazing. Good looking, funny and so kind. He really helped me become happy again. We fell for each other after about a year and he asked me to be his girlfriend, to which I accepted. In junior year, he was taking me home once and we had a small argument. I said something that sent him off and he began to yell me, he yelled harsh words into my ear and honestly it scared me. It kept going and he would always yell. Then it began to get a bit physical. He'd yell about how useless I am then would physically abuse me. I got slapped, kicked. You name it. I told Lauren about it and we managed to break it off. He moved about a month after.
I had to see therapists for about 5 months after he left and it was just a hard time for me. I guess since then I've always associated loud noises with him, and it's always haunted me in a sort of way. It's sort of pathetic but I guess j couldn't help it." I ended and took a breath to look at Calum.

"I'm sorry Sunshine I didn't know. You know I would never do that to you right?" He asked sweetly and I nodded. He laced our fingers together and I couldn't help but smile.

"Can I ask one more thing?" He asked and I nodded.

"Who was that braden dude?" He asked nervously and I almost choked on my laughter.

"You mean the one that was over for Christmas?" I asked smiling.

"Umm ya." He answered and I laughed.

"Okay one, he was an old friend. two he was a family friends so his whole family was over for dinner as well. And three he's gay." I asked laughing more.

"Oh." Was all he said and he blushed in embarrassment.

We talked about pretty much  everything the rest of the plane ride and I couldn't help but like him more. His smile, his teeth, his dark brown eyes, everything. He was pretty much perfect.

"The plane had landed, make sure to take all your belongings off the plane, we thank you for choosing us." The speaker boomed and we all stood up and gathered our stuff.

We all made our way out of the plane and into the airport. We were yet again greeted by swarms of fans. Calum grabbed my hand and we made our way through as security made a path in between them. We tried to stop by the fans and get pictures but Luke put his arm around Evelyn and kept walking. I couldn't blame them either.

Once the four of us made it through we got our bags and entered the van.
The van stared up and we soon got to the hotel where we would stay tonight and tomorrow night.

"Alright guys. Glad to be back on tour. And good to meet you Evelyn. So for the rooms, Luke and Ashton will be sharing, Michael and Calum, And Delilah and Evelyn." The manager said.

"Also Delilah, tomorrow you have some recordings, you might be able to finish your album. And you'll be preforming tomorrow night as well." He said and I nodded. He gave us our room cards and we all went to our rooms.

"So, my Twitter and Instagram just blew up. Is that normal?" Evelyn asked and I laughed and nodded.


"Oh and also you'll get hate. I definitely got it. If things like that get to you if turn your phone off. They have good fans but lots of them are rude." I explained and she nodded.

"So is the boys' manager your manager?" She asked.

"I guess yah. He signed me but I don't really call him my manger." I said and she nodded.

I was so glad I finally had someone to talk to. And that I had told Calum that. He was so supportive and sweet. I could never ask for someone better.

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