Chapter One: Baseball Mishap

       "Hit the damn ball already!" Kenny screamed.

       I twisted my black and red baseball cap to the side and gripped the bat, ready to swing.

       Allen smiled devilishly and drew the ball back before throwing it as hard as he could towards me. I pulled my whole body back and swung with the bat. I heard an echo from inside the metal baseball bat as it collided with the ball. I watched it fly through the air and saw my friends raced to catch it. I bolted to first base, then second, and right as I was ready to run to third I heard the shattering of a window in the distance. 

      "Shit, Nikki run!" I heard Allen scream in his rough voice but I was already bolting for our bikes and skate boards that rested half way through the large, empty field.

      We raced over and started throwing our baseball equipment into our back packs when we heard an old lady scream about us being evil hooligans as we raced off. I watched as Christa's natural red hair disappeared behind the corner, and then came back. I heard her scream just as a cop car raced down the alley.

       "This was such a good idea Allen!" I yelled sarcastically skating down the alley past him, avoiding trash bins and tree roots as I did so.

       "Hey, you went along with it didn't you?" He laughed as he attempted to catch up to me on his old bike that was practically falling apart from under his large frame.

       I was about to look back to talk to him face to face but then realized he was already beside me. "I thought we were going to the baseball field not a random field next to a bunch of nice breakable windows!" I shouted at him as I skated around street cat, its screech echoing off of a trash can and intensifying.  

       I laughed just before I used a piece of wood balancing on a log as a ramp and jumped over a ditch that he has to go around. His curse and the cop sirens faded away as we raced on. Whenever we got in to trouble we'd split up and meet back under the over pass in the older part of town so we could make sure none of us had been caught, and to have a good laugh of course.

       When I reached the over pass I was greeted by the familiar sound of metal music blasting from Roxanne's shitty 1985 Toyota speakers. I raced over, abandoning my skate board, and had a head count, all the girls were present and that day it seemed like the guys were the ones lagging behind.

      "All right we've accomplished something now load up your shit in the trunk." Roxanne ordered opening her car trunk and throwing her scooter in the back, followed by her and Christa's back packs. 

      Christa started to fit her mountain bike on the bike rack that was attached to the back of Roxanne's car just as Kenny pulled up breathing heavily and throwing his bike to the side. He fell to his knees and staggered to get up while saying, "Guys we have to bolt." He breathed and reached in through the broken window of the car, grabbing the keys from the sun visor, and throwing them to Roxanne.

      "Where’s Allen?" I asked and threw my back pack into the trunk as he did the same, the clips on our backpacks clinking together.

       "He's the distraction, now move!" He ordered putting his bike on the rack and taking Christa's bike from her since she was being too slow for him, like usual. He strained to hold both bikes but managed it well enough.

      Her face turned as red as her hair as she boiled over with rage. She hated it when he not only ordered her around but when he acted like she didn't know anything. It wasn't like Kenny enjoyed bossing people around; it was just the way he had to get their attention. It wasn’t that he thought she couldn’t do anything; it was more that he thought she was doing it wrong.

       I touch her shoulder and make her face me. "Get in the car." I whispered and open the door for her. She nodded and got in. I walked over and helped with the chains to the bike rack.

       "We don't send people off for distractions and you know that," I warned him roughly as I snagged one of the bikes from him and held it far enough away so that he couldn’t take it back.

       He looked at me through is brown hair for a moment before turning his attention back to putting the bike on the rack. "We had no other choice at that point." He told me as he quickly pulled the last latch that fully secured the bike onto the back of the car.

       "That's for me to decide not you," I said as I pulled the chains tight, just to be sure that the bike was fully on the rack, the proceeded to place his bike on the rack. I managed to secure it much quicker than Kenny did.

       We heard the rumbling of cars over head on the over pass and I pushed Kenny towards the car doors. "Get in," I ordered just as Allen pulled up and completely wiped out, just a few feet away from the car, which felt much like a getaway car.

       I raced over to his side and pulled on his arm to help him stand. "How are you doing dumb ass?" I asked sarcastically as I reached for his bike that was bent and twisted in different ways, he was always terrible at riding, even after years of practice. Years of wear could be seen through the bike, each having some old story behind them.

       He coughed and waved his hands as if to clear up the dust that now filled the air around us from his stupidity at wiping out.

       "They're coming,” he said standing and grabbing his bike from me. I took it from him again and told him to get in the car, he did so and I worked to try and find space on the rack to fit his bike. That's when I heard the cop sirens and saw the blinding blue and red lights growing closer.

       "Why are they going to such lengths to catch us?" I screamed over the sirens and roar of Roxanne’s car engine, becoming severely pissed.

        Christa cleared her throat, rather loudly. "That was kind of the mayor's mom's house." She said shyly, like she was worried I’d lash out if I knew their stupidly, or, Allen’s rather.

       I hurried as I tried to thread the chain through the frame of Allen’s bike. The bike rack was old and breaking apart, rope being used to hold most of the bikes in place.

       "Forget the bike and get in!" Kenny called, but I heard Allen argue that he didn't want to lose his bike. "Hurry up back there!” Kenny said instead, worry in his voice and I hastily attempted to finish tying the bike up.

        "I am!" I shouted back, worrying myself. At the very last second I finished, jumped on to the car, and screamed for them to go.

      Roxanne floored it and I held on for dear life. Rocks and dust flew in my face and I was slipping before we're even out of the dusty field that surrounded the over pass. My hands were getting sweating and they tried to tell Roxanne to slow down but she wouldn’t risk us getting caught.

      "Nikki hold on!" Kenny called, sticking his head out of the window that was on his side.

       I replied screaming, "What do you think I'm doing!" My hands were sweating like I’d never sweated before. My blonde hair flew into my eyes, forcing them to water. Through tears and blonde locks I saw them reaching the streets. Once they got there we’d be free. I held on tighter.

       Suddenly they turned a sharp corner. Kenny called out to me but I was already slipping off the trunk. I reached for something to hold onto but there wasn’t anything close enough. There was a sharp pain in my back and my head was throbbing as dust filled my eyes and I saw them race on just as I was surrounded by police cars.