Bad Boy Isnt So Bad

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Chapter 1

Emma Pov

I am now 19 years old. I live with my mom and little brother Brady, In Colorado. We struggled to stay stable with my dad death upon us was tragic, but my mom always somehow made the positive out of things. She has got a new job.And that was the first start in a better life. Her job was in Colorado at the time we was in Texas, so we moved, leaving all the devastating memories in the old house. Now I'm determine to make a better living.

I was awoken by the sound of the alarm going off, on the nightstand aside my bed. I throw my Monster High covers over my face to drown out the annoying beeping sound
I know I know, "Monster High"?? really .. you're such a loser!! I thought.

I was lost in my thoughts when my annoying, younger bother; comes bursting in my room. Without even bothering to knock (Yea so much for my respect of privacy Right??)

"Fatbrain, get up!! Mom said breakfast is ready" he said "And please put on some clothes, I can see your Eww YOUR PANTIES!"he screamed and covered his eyes like he does when he watches scary movies.

I laid there completely frozen until I felted a breeze hit my exposed skin on my butt, and quickly covered myself all the way, "Get out !! You little terd for I tell mom" I said angrily, but feeling slightly embarrassed my little brother seen me in my underwear, "Eww how gross" I was thinking, somehow that started to remind me to take a shower.So I quickly hopped in
The feeling of the warm water hit my sensitive skin, sent shivers throughout my body. After I felt completely clean. I dried off, and I look at the time it was 7:32am . So I had 42 minutes to be dress and ready for my first day of collage. I applied some make up to my pale skin.I was and average girl ; not rich or not poor. I have black long, wavy hair, that nearly touched the tip of my butt, like my mom; but hers stopped just a little bit on her back and also my hazel pierced eyes,that I get from my dad. Brady was a mixture of both, a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes

did I lose u there?? let my explain. my mom have black wavy hair like myself but, blue eyes. And my long dead; dad had Blonde Hair and hazel eyes, also like me.

So now tht I cleared that up. Where was I??? Ohhhh Right

I put on a white laced crop-top and high waisted jeans and my beautiful black wedges, I looked in the mirror one last time to see how I looked. I was satisfied with my appearance and ran down stairs cause "Boy was I hungry"... When I got downstairs, Brady had a devilish grin on his face because he was sitting in my seat. I would had argue and fussed for him to get up, but I was too hungry to yell.. I just sat down and ate my food. 5 minutes of eating I looked at the hallway clock and seen it bout time for me to go. "Mom I should be leaving out by now" I said "Okay sweetie want my to drive u there"
"Nawl I'm good it shouldn't be tht far. I'll walk"I suggested "Ok love u sweet heart, have fun".. "Thanks moms Love U Too " I said leaving out of the door. Once I got on the porch I took a deep breath and started to walk off slowly looking back home seemed so far away by every step


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