Chapter 14 - Stories

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Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and your body feels like it weighs a tonne, and it takes all your strength just lift an arm to rub your eye? That's how I woke up. And I was about to lift an arm when I realised that my arms was occupied. It was wrapped around something, my fingers locked with another. I willed my eyes to open and I found myself resting against an all-too familiar back. I was spooning with Steve. And I was the big spoon. Given his size, I'm not quite sure how that works, but I was the big spoon, and he as the little spoon. And he was holding my hand, our fingers locked together. I stayed still for a moment, just listening to the sound of him breathing. Feeling his chest rise and fall steadily. And for a moment, I forgot what I was here in the first place.

With a small smile, I slowly slipped my hand out of Steve's hold and tried to sit up, my eyes blurring for a couple of seconds. We were back at Steve's apartment, and we were in his room. I don't remember coming here, I don't remember leaving the Avengers Tower at all; all I remember was the pain.

I quickly brought my hands up to my back, the flitter of content I felt a moment ago dissipated when I remembered why I was in pain. My fingers were met with the soft and fluffy texture. I quickly got out of Steve's bed and headed to the mirror in his room. I held my breath when I looked at my reflection. I was still in my bra and jeans, but behind me was a pair of large wings, dark in colour and dotted with brown. It didn't feel like I had them, but it felt like a part of me all the same. I don't know how but I managed to stretch them out, the wingspan large, probably about two meters. I just stared in awe, turning slightly so that I could see my back, and how they looked. In all honesty, my wings looked beautiful. Like something out of a fairytale or some mythical book.

"They're out again." Steve's voice jumped me. I nearly squealed, my wings stretching out with shock. I turned to face him sat up on the bed with a tired look on his face and bed hair.
"Your wings kept disappearing and appearing while you were asleep. You nearly hit me with them but you wouldn't let me go." He chuckled at the memory, rubbing his face.
"That's why I was the big spoon!" I said quietly, nodding with understanding.
"What?" It was his turn to be confused.
"We were spooning. And you were the little spoon even though you're like a giant compared to me."
"We were what?"
"We were spooning- Please tell me you know what spooning is."
He gave me a thoughtful look and shrugged slightly. "I'm guessing it was our sleeping position."
"You really are missing out, huh? So I'm guessing you're a virgin, too."
He scrunched his face up the way a kid does when they're about to defend themselves. "Well.. I've been busy saving the world. And stuff."
"And yet you have the time to babysit me? I asked, cocking my head to the side.
"Babysitting makes it sound like a chore." He was now changing the subject, bless his poor innocent soul.
"Isn't it?" I joked, allowing him to have the courtesy to do so.
He looked up at me with his brows furrowed and a serious look on his face. "Never." He said with so much conviction I felt it in my soul. I never knew one word could hit me so hard, the smile falling from my face. We stayed silent for a moment and then I cleared my throat.
"Do you know how I made my wings disappear?" I asked him remembering my feathered addition to my future.
"How did you manage to control your powers?"
I shrugged, looking around the room. "I don't know, I just did it."
"Then just do it," Steve said, getting up off the bed. "Your wings are a part of you now, Chris. Just like how you walk without really telling your legs to move, do the same with your wings. If you believe you can, then you will."
I nodded, turning to face my mirror and then imagined myself pulling my wings back. Almost immediately, the folded in and I felt them merge into the skin of my back. It felt weird, but strangely comforting at the same time.

"I watched you do that like seven times in your sleep and it still creeps me out." Steve chuckled. I laughed and watched him go to his wardrobe and pull out a plain white t-shirt before holding it out to me. "Here."
"What, you tired of the view?" I joked, taking it from him. He smiled embarrassedly, looking away from me as I put it on. I then slipped off my jeans, knowing that his shirt was long enough to cover me up to my thighs. Besides, there's wasn't much he hadn't seen already.

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