Chapter 11 ~ Walk with confidence ~

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I had fun writing this chapter. :) The picture on the side is the picture of Brandy's dress. :) Hope you like it.

Rue <3

Chapter 11 ~ Walk with confidence ~

I stared at the dress in surprise. By no means was I comfortable with a strapless dress, but I couldn't deny its beauty. The way the flower held one half of the dress over the other, just in front of my left hip, gave it a simple, yet elegant look. It flowed out a little bit, but not enough to be a bothersome problem.

The midnight blue accentuated my pale skin and dark brown curls so perfectly it was startling. Gretta wouldn't allow me to wear any source of make up, but after some begging she allowed me to use some eyeliner. I hadn't wore it in such a long time, it felt strange on my skin, but it made my eyes more defined.

“Brandy?! Love my dress?!” I whirled around and gasped.

Her spaghetti strapped dress was a brilliant green, matching her shining eyes. The ruffles were tossed back and forth, like strong waves on a stormy day, all the way down her dress. Her long blonde hair was curled, half of it pinned up with diamond studded clips. A bright smile made Meena's face glow as she twirled around in a circle.

“You look beautiful Meena.” I gave her a hug and turned back to the mirror. Something was missing, I just couldn't tell what.

“Here.” Meena placed something in my hands and I looked at it. It was a deep blue flower clip, almost the same color as my dress. It was a morning glory; I only knew because it was my mother's favorite flower.

“Where did you find this?” I asked her in surprise. She looked down at her feet, hiding her hands behind her back. “Where?” I asked again after a few minutes.

“I-I'm not suppose to tell you.” She cried, hugging me tightly. “Please don't be mad. He said he'd hurt me if I told!” She hiccuped.

“Master Carthwrite?!” She nodded her head into my torso, sniffling. “I won't tell Meena. I'm not mad at all. I just wondered. It's okay.” I rubbed her back, not wanting to mess up her hair.

“You're not?” I shook my head and she smiled.

“Wanna put it in for me?” Her eyes lit up as her head bounced up and down. I crouched down, letting her pin the flower just in front my my right ear. “There. We should go to the front now. Master Carthwrite and Master Crowley will be waiting for us.” I slipped on my flip flops before heading out the door and down the hall. Meena held my hand and swung it impatiently as she skipped, pulling me down the hall.

I was glad that the guards were coming. I smiled at Henry, who was wearing a black tuxedo to match with the other guards. Holding back a blush, I looked away from Trent's face after he winked at me.

“Here's something blue.” Turning to the direction of his voice, I could feel my mouth drop. In his hands he held a box out to me, but that's not what had me startled.

His tuxedo was the same exact color of my dress and he looked just as handsome as I did beautiful. His hair was tousled against his cheeks, looking like he didn't even bother to comb it, but it looked right. Though his hair and suit looked right, his eyes were filled with mischief and something I couldn't quite place.

Taking the box from his hands, I opened it and suppressed a groan. The black heels were, at the least, five inches or more. And this time I wasn't exaggerating. I glared at him and he nodded.

“You have to wear them all night.” He answered my unasked question.

“Let me help you.” Trent pulled me away from Master Carthwrite and put the heels on my feet. I tottered and swayed, falling into Trent at least three times before I could stand correctly. My breathe caught as I started to fall again. Trent chuckled, catching me before I hit the floor.
“I didn't even take one step.” I complained, holding onto his strong arm.

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