Bad Boy Smirks

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A new home, a new personality and a new start.

Simce the two years Ebony Marris had move, no one hqd questioned her. She just fit in perfectly, rising to become Westfield Private's new Little Miss Perfect. No one asked where she came from, no one asked why she moved, and no one asked if she was okay.

Until he did.

He's the guy who has been ber neighbour for one year of the two she's lived here, he's the guy that everyone avoids, he's the guy that's seen as the badass reincarnation of God, and he's the guy, the only guy who can see through me.

And the answer to his question?

No, I'm not.

"Of course I am"


Status: On going

Author: LuckyCliche


Unfortunately, the author hasn't updated this book for like over a year, so I don't think it will ever get an ending. BUT, the name of the book is 'Best Bad Boy Books on Wattpad' - so obviously I'm still going to recommend the book since it's one of my favourites.

But I'm still letting you all know that it isn't completed - and might never be.

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