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"You better have my suit in there or else hell is gonna break lose because I'm not fighting in these dirty clothes." I say to Hill as I wipe away dirt from my jacket.

"Relax Raven, I got everything you asked me to get." She snorts as she opens the gate so we can go into an abandoned dam.

She calls out to the doctor running towards us. "GSW. She's lost at least a pint."
"Maybe two." Sam adds as he helps Nat walk. The doctor signals us to bring her forward. "Let me take her!"

Hill turns to us smirking. "She'll want to see him first." Hill then takes us to a room covered in plastic curtains only to see Fury who's alive and lying in bed and we all look at him in shock.

Nick lifts his head to look at us. "About damn time."
The doctor pulls out a few things to treat Natasha's wound.

"Lacerated spinal column, cracked sternum, shattered collarbone, perforated liver, one hell of a headache." Fury lists out all of his injuries like if he were talking about the weather.

The doctor butts in. "Don't forget your collapsed lung."

"Oh, let's not forget that. Otherwise, I'm good." Nick corrects himself. Some people have told me that Fury has been rubbing-off on me lately.

Natasha looks at him ."They cut you open, your heart stopped."

I tap my ear."And I didn't hear anything." I add.

"Tetrodotoxin B. Slows the pulse to one beat a minute. Banner developed it for stress. Didn't work so great for him, but we found a use for it." He explains.

Steve looks around the room. "Why all the secrecy? Why not just tell us?"

Hill turns to us. "Any attempt on the director's life had to look successful."
She looks at me. "You being there was the riskier part yet the one who would make the death believable."

"Can't kill you if you're already dead. Besides, I wasn't sure who to trust." He says looking at me. "Well then, I guess you can't trust someone who nearly got killed twice while trying to save you." I smile sweetly at him because I know he hates it when I do that and he just shrugs his shoulders.

Hill and the doctor help Fury get to the table near us so we can talk about our recent discoveries.

He pulls put some files and a few brief cases he holds up a photo of Pierce. "This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize. He said, "Peace wasn't an achievement, it was a responsibility." See, it's stuff like this that gives me trust issues."

I sigh. "We have to stop the launch in any way we can as soon as possible."
Nick looks over to me. "I don't think the Council's accepting my calls anymore." He opens a case containing three chips.

Sam goes to stand next to me. "What's that?"

"Once the Helicarriers reach three thousand feet, they'll triangulate with Insight satellites becoming fully weaponized." Hill explains as she shows us the helicarriers through the computer screen

"We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own." Fury says as he holds one of them up.

"One or two won't cut it. We need to link all three carriers for this to work, because if even one of those ships remains operational a whole lot of people are gonna die." Hill says and I internally groan. Seriously I'm only 70 years in cryo and the world goes to shit with their freedom and protection.

Nick looks at each of us as he speaks."We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We need to get pass them, insert the server blades, and maybe, just maybe, we can salvage what's left..."

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