Beginning of something new

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  ***  graphic material ***


   All i can do is stare at her and a wave of a unknown emotion hits me. She walked up and crushed her lips on mine. I melted.

"I love you so much and I know how she is I don't want her to hurt you" she says when she pulls away. I kiss her she is shocked but brings me closer. I use my hand to open the door and push her in the house. I start unbuttoning her shirt. She licks my lips i allow access. She feels under my dress my bare skin flames up at her touch. Still standing she unhook my belt and pull the straps of my dress down it falls with one yank I step out of it. She pull away long enough for her eyes to fall over my body.  Lookin in them they are full of lust.

"Comere"she says and picks me up wrapping my legs around her waist. I hold my self up with my arms around her neck. I close my eyes when her lips hit my neck I let head fall back. Her lips feel so good slowly she starts sucking on my neck. I let out moan I feel my body hit a soft area I'm guess the bed. She pulls away from on top of me.

"Miranda wait" she said I open my eyes.

"What" I ask

"What if you regret it you know ur my best friend I don't want that to change" she says looking down. She runs her hands through her hair. I move up on the edge of the bed.

"I won't" I say and kiss her stomach. I get on my knees to kiss her breast. Her breathe hicks up. I suck on the top and lick she moans a little lord knows it was the most beautiful sound ever. I slightly nibble while massaging and caresses both breast. I end up on my back again. She does the same as I did I didn't hold my moans either. She unclasped my bra and takes my nipple into her mouth. Her sucking and licking I felt myself getting wetter. she started moving down my body. My back arches as she kisses my body. She got right above my p-ssy then moves back up. I kiss her lips and she starts rubbing my clit.

"Adrianna" I moan quietly. She kisses my neck while rubbing my clit. I get wet as hell I know she feels it through my panties. She pulls off my panties and she becomes this sexy as hell and demanding.

"All that wetness for me baby" she whispers I hear. I know she smirking. I nod letting out a whimper.

"Can I taste" she asks.

"please" I whimper. she starts moving down....when her tongue enters me all control died. I'm loud  as hell she eats me with so much hunger.


Damn she tasted like vanilla. I ate her a little faster than I thought because she started calling my name and pulling my hair. I didn't care she tasted better than I imagined. I add two fingers and she screams. Her wall tighten. I keep going because her taste is so fucking good. She came but I didn't stop I kept going. Her body started shaking...orgasm. I know by the time I stopped and she had messed up my sheets because she came at least 4 times. I come back up and kiss her lips her face is damp with sweat her hair was every where. She was breathing heavy but got on top of me ripping off my bra she popped my erected nipple in her mouth.

"Ahh shit" I moaned she didn't waste time to pull off my pants.

"My turn" she whisper. I feel her fingers enter

"Shit" I moan loud as hell yes ima bitch like dat kiss ma ass if u don't like it. She does not go slow but it feel damn good. I think she gasped because I wasn't tight I was with a stud you can guess what happen. The past girls I wouldn't let penetrate me but I didn't mind if Miranda did. She moved down and now i knew why girls wanted her all the time. This shit felt so good. Her swirling and flicking felt good. I was probably loud as hell. I was gripping the sheet for dear life. My body built up with heat and released. She kept going but only to clean it up. She came back up licking her fingers. I laugh a little freak a leak.

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